TikTok Is Salivating Over Poppy O'Toole's Stuffed Star-Crossed Garlic Spuds

According to theĀ Farmer's Almanac, the average American consumes roughly 120 pounds of potatoes annually. With such a high number, it's safe to say potatoes are a staple in the American diet. Its versatility allows it to be French fries one day and mashed the next. When it comes to preparing them, one is only limited by their creativity. Recently, trained chef turned TikTok star Poppy O'Toole's creativity was on full display in a recentĀ post where she shared an enticing potato-based recipe that got viewers excited.

Poppy's rise to fame was relatively quick. Like many during the pandemic, Poppy, unfortunately, lost her job (via Insider). An exciting turn of events allowed her to pivot toward making cooking videos. Within a year, she amassed over 1 million followers and secured a cookbook deal. This is an inspiring example of turning lemons into lemonade. She continues to share cooking videos, and fans still enjoy them, as evident by the positive comments on a recent post.

Star-Crossed Lovers

What happens when you stuff a potato with garlic, butter, feta cheese, salt, and parsley? You get Poppy O'Toole's delicious recipe for star-crossed garlic spuds. The dish gets its name because instead of traditionally cutting the potato down the middle, she cuts lines in a star-shaped manner. With over 750,00 likes and 3,500 comments as of reporting, it's safe to say fans love the new dish.

User @thelovelylonelylearner shared the lengths they'd go to for a taste of the garlicky goodness stating, "I would sacrifice my left kidney for one of these right now." Another die-hard enthusiast, @larzlarsen, made a significant demand saying, "Bury me in a star-crossed garlic spud."

Not every comment used hyperbole to express their excitement. User @ewentill1 commented, "Potato [TikTok] and gorgeous, gorgeous garlic meet. LOVE IT!" Finally, the feeling of wanting to try it as soon as possible was captured by @gardenary, who said, "Dang!!!! My potatoes can't grow fast enough." If you're looking for more fun, flavorful recipes, keep an eye out on her TikTok page.