Pepsi Drops Recipe For Non-Lactose Pepsi Milk

Pepsi ... and milk? "Am I reading this right?" you think to yourself, reading over the headline again, thinking this may be some kind of typo. Rest assured, reader, this is far from any mistake or spelling error. We're going to be discussing pilk – a combination of Pepsi soda and a glass of milk that may soon take the place of regular milk alongside cookies this holiday season. 

This blend of soda and milk may seem like some kind of joke in today's irony-poisoned internet culture, but Pepsi itself wants you to be aware that it believes pilk is a legitimate, actual drink. According to CBS News, Lindsay Lohan was even seen hawking the dairy-flavored soda in a recent Christmas commercial, presenting pilk as a delicious holiday beverage in the same manner as hot cocoa or egg nog. Even more bizarre, the concept of pilk seems to go back all the way to the 1970s (if this clip of the '70s sitcom "Laverne and Shirley" is to be believed). BuzzFeed News' review of the drink seemed to give it mixed reviews, noting that it was similar to like a "thick soda" or a weird take on the classic egg cream. It's Pepsi mixed into milk, so it's no surprise that some people may have reservations about it.

But let's say that you're willing to throw caution to the wind and try pilk for yourself. The only problem is, for whatever reason, you can't have lactose. You needn't worry — Pepsi has you covered.

Pepsi's non-lactose pilk recipe

If you thought being lactose-intolerant would prevent you from tasting pilk, Pepsi has graciously given us a recipe on how to make a non-lactose pilk. According to Pepsi's Twitter, all you need to make a glass of pilk is "1 cup of Pepsi Zero Sugar, ½ cup of oat milk, and 4 teaspoons of caramel creamer." Pepsi calls this "The Snow Float" and suggests you serve it alongside oatmeal raisin cookies. Some have even posted their own takes on this admittedly unique recipe, with one user hinting that they would swap out the Pepsi Zero Sugar for s'mores-flavored Pepsi. 

But why exactly would people be so willing to try Pepsi and milk together? Maybe it's just the idea of trying it for the sheer heck of it, but Pepsi has decided to sweeten the deal by offering lucky pilk drinkers a cash prize. According to PR Newswire, Pepsi launched "Pilk and Cookies," a Christmas-themed contest in which contestants must follow Pepsi on any of its social media pages and send them pictures of their "dirty and delicious" Pilk and Cookies combination for a chance to win an impressive amount of cash. Whether it's pairing snickerdoodles with Cherry Vanilla Pepsi mixed with half-and-half and vanilla extract or chocolate chip cookies with Pepsi and chocolate milk, you've got to get creative to show off just how "dirty" your soda can get.

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a mug full of pilk.