Aldi's Gingerbread Men Shaped Mug Toppers Are Back For The Holidays

When you come face-to-face with a gingerbread person, it's hard not to think of Christmas. The two practically go hand-in-hand. Every December, manufacturers flood the market with gingerbread-scented products, gingerbread man ornaments, and, of course, gingerbread houses and cookies. As cute and tasty as all of this may be, it raises a very good question. Why do we associate this small person-shaped cookie with Christmas? 

The origins of the gingerbread man are often attributed to Queen Elizabeth I. According to Bustle, she had a batch of these novel characters created to resemble the guests she had invited to a party. But these original creations had nothing to do with the holidays. Always The Holidays explains that in the 1600s, gingerbread was principally used to form religious symbols. As a result, it was considered sacred and could only be used by official members of the bakers' guild. During holy holidays like Christmas, however, everyone was free to use gingerbread, cementing its relationship with this festive season. People likely couldn't wait to try out the Queen's idea for themselves.  

Today, the gingerbread person is more than just a baked good. He (or she) hangs from Christmas trees, sits inflated on front lawns, floats high above parade attendees, and wanders around on crutches in the world of Shrek. And now Aldi has reintroduced yet another one of these beloved doughy people to the eager masses. 

These gingerbread-shaped men are buttery and crunchy

They're back! Yes, last year's beloved gingerbread man-shaped mug topper has returned and Aldi fans are psyched. Instagrammer @adventuresinaldi recently posted that one of their favorite Aldi holiday treats had arrived, accompanied by a photo of this adorable little find. There's no denying that this "crunchy butter cookie designed to fit on the rim of your mug" is endearing, but what does it actually taste like? 

According to Aldi Reviewer, they receive top marks in both their cuteness and tastiness factors, saying they have a buttery taste, are crunchy, and make the perfect dunking cookie. Instagrammer calls them "the perfect treat to accompany my Peppermint mocha," adding that any hot drink would do. And, when a Reddit user asked r/aldi how these cookie mug toppers compared to the ones at Trader Joe's, a myriad of praise poured in. Comments contained phrases like, "It really adds a holiday feel to a plain old cup of hot cocoa," "I used them last night for a hot chocolate party and they taste great!" and, "They're a bit different but delicious in their own right." Clearly, the masses give these little gingerbread dudes two thumbs-up as many respondents point out that they sell out quickly. 

If you want to add some whimsy to this year's get-togethers, these Aldi finds may be exactly what you need. They just ask that you don't bite their buttery heads off.