Ree Drummond's Clothes Have Fans Worried For Her Safety

When you watch a celebrity chef in action, you may expect them to don a traditional white chef's jacket. Many do. Wolfgang Puck, Gordon Ramsay, and Emeril Lagasse regularly sport this formal attire.

Why? According to the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, this double-breasted coat's color (or lack of color) doesn't absorb as much heat in the sweltering kitchen and makes the chef appear more sanitary. Its thick material also protects the chef from heat, liquids, and steam. The traditional long sleeves protect their arms from the intense oven heat as well.

You may have also noticed that many culinary experts avoid wearing jewelry while cooking. This is likely for sanitary reasons. Good Housekeeping warns that cooking with jewelry on your fingers or wrists can not only damage your jewelry, but these items can capture food particles and cause cross-contamination. 

Some famed chefs, however, have a much more casual approach to kitchen attire. One such laid-back dresser is Ree Drummond, also known as the Pioneer Woman. Often bedecked in flowy blouses, jeans, and bangles, Drummond looks stylishly casual in a look that befits her "pioneering," countrified image. But is her attire safe? The folks at Reddit think not. 

Drummond's baggy sleeves pose a hazard

When Reddit user u/Queen_of_Tudor posted in r/foodnetwork that every time she watches Ree Drummond's show, "I feel anxious because her sleeves are always oversized and I'm just waiting for her to catch a pot handle and have hot food dumped on her," many shared her concerns. One exclaimed that you never see her wear short sleeves or sleeveless shirts, while another warned that it's only just a matter of time.

One worried fan replied, "I just watched her readjust a pot handle because of her sleeve. In the same episode, she almost dipped her sleeve in her frying pan." A fan did come to her defense, saying she loved Drummond's style, while another commented that any sleeve-related accidents would be edited out. Yes, such a mishap from behind the scenes of the show would likely wind up on the editing room floor, and viewers would never be the wiser. 

Are baggy sleeves problematic in the kitchen? The experts say they are. According to Entrepreneurial Chef, overly loose sleeves can accidentally brush against a flame or fall into the food, creating a potentially dangerous situation. The FDNY Foundation adds that drapey sleeves can also become hung up on pot handles, causing a scalding spill. Clearly, Drummond's fans have cause for concern — no matter how cute her flowing tops may look.