How Jesse Tyler Ferguson Really Feels About The Espresso Martini Trend - Exclusive

Did someone say espresso martini? The popular drink consists of vodka, Kahlúa, sugar syrup, and espresso, with the biggest consumer draw being the combination of coffee and alcohol. Forbes recently reported that the espresso martini has been named one of the top-selling beverages in the United States — knocking the beloved Manhattan cocktail off the list. As the espresso martini is predicted to maintain its popularity throughout 2023, we asked television's Jesse Tyler Ferguson to weigh in on the trend.

What does Ferguson have to do with espresso martinis, you ask? Well, in an exclusive interview with Mashed, the "Modern Family" star opened up about his partnership with Pernod Ricard for the holiday season. The company's portfolio includes well-known wines and spirits such as Jameson, Absolut, and Kahlúa (to name a few). Two of those alcohol brands are particularly important for achieving a tasty espresso martini, as Ferguson let us know when he was explaining exactly how he feels about the booming trend.

Ferguson is all for espresso martinis

Jesse Tyler Ferguson loves to fill his holiday guest bar with espresso martinis. The Broadway star told Mashed, "I personally like darker cocktails for the winter and lighter cocktails for the summer. That's my visual go-to. I love an Old Fashioned in the winter, I love the espresso martini, but absolutely — any of these could be had any time of the year." The sitcom actor mentioned that he enjoys the coffee-flavored cocktail at dinner for a quick pick-me-up.

"It's a nice nightcap to keep me up a little longer and hanging out with my friends instead of wanting to go to bed," Ferguson explained. Wine has a reputation for making people tired, so we definitely understand why a delicious espresso martini is his drink of choice instead. It's also one of his go-tos for entertaining; in fact, to make preparing for holiday parties easier, Ferguson suggests you make Absolut Kahlúa espresso martinis ahead of time as a batched cocktail and let guests customize them during the event. With such an easy, sophisticated drink option available — whether you're throwing a party or not — it sounds like the espresso martini trend is here to stay.

Learn more about Pernod Ricard's holiday brands on their website, and head to Jesse Tyler Ferguson's Instagram page to keep up with his latest projects.