Season 1 Of Snack Vs. Chef Saw A Hotly Contested Final For $50k

"Snack Vs. Chef," one of Netflix's newest reality baking competition shows, challenges 12 chefs from all sorts of different culinary backgrounds to recreate popular snacks, such as Flamin' Hot Cheetos, Pringles, Lay's chips, Oreos, and more, per Netflix. Additionally, the chefs have to make a unique snack that's all their own using aspects of the classic snacks mentioned above, and in the end, one chef wins $50,000. The show first premiered on Netflix on November 30, with eight episodes in the first season (via IMDB). Comedians Megan Stalter and Hari Kondabolu co-host the show, while Helen Park and Ali Bouzari are the ones responsible for judging the chefs' creations.

The great thing about all eight episodes of "Snack Vs. Chef" airing at once is that it's super easy to binge watch the whole show in one sitting, and while the show is still relatively new, plenty of people have already finished it and shared their thoughts online. For example, on one Reddit thread, several people couldn't get over how awkward the first season was, claiming the hosts weren't funny and the contestants didn't get enough time to complete each task. Despite this, two contestants did indeed make it to the end, with one of them walking away with $50,000.

The winner is launching their own snack based off their winning creation

In the final episode of Season 1 of "Snack Vs. Chef," contestants Lauryn Bodden and Sandy Dee Hall faced off against each other in the hopes of winning $50,000, per SportsKeeda. Bodden and Hall were given four hours to make their own unique snack creation that was their idea of "the ultimate snack of the future." Judges Helen Park and Ali Bouzari informed the final two that they could take inspirations from the classic snacks that had been recreated throughout the series or simply make a completely new snack. Bodden called her snack "Pastables," and it was her idea of snackable pasta chips, which the judges were enthralled by. On the other hand, Hall decided to make a healthier alternative to popcorn using repurposed ingredients such as ginger, carrot, and maple.

Ultimately, the judges didn't think Hall's up-cycled popcorn creation was unique enough for the snack market and declared Bodden the winner. However, that wasn't the end of Bodden-Hall pairing. After appearing on the first season of "Snack Vs. Chef," the two co-founded their own snack brand called S'noods — inspired by Bodden's winning pasta snack creation — and have started a fundraising campaign in the hopes of raising enough money to amp up the production process for their pasta snacks (per Kickstarter). The duo currently have three different flavors in the works: rigatoni basil pomodoro, cavatappi carbonara, and spicy miso ramen.