The Dunkin' Job That Requires You To Taste 200 Cups Of Coffee A Day

For most people, it probably sounds like a dream to land a taste-testing job for your favorite brand. Unlike fantasizing about walking on the moon and scouring the ocean in search of megalodon, this dream is a bit more attainable as it doesn't take near as much preplanning. To prove it, a Canadian company called Candy Fun House was on the hunt this summer for a Chief Candy Officer — someone whose job is to taste all 3,500 varieties of candy before it goes out (per 9 News). The job pays 78,000 USD a year and can be done completely from home.

According to How Stuff Works, many taste testers don't actually swallow the food. Instead, they take small bites, spit them out, and wash their mouth out. They aren't only evaluating a food for its taste, either. They also consider how it smells, looks, and feels in the mouth. A majority of brands have hired professionals to conduct these tests at one point or another. And believe it or not, Dunkin' runs taste tests every single day, despite how reputable the brand has become.

The coffee isn't actually swallowed

Taste testing for Dunkin' just might be the perfect job for coffee lovers, though it's likely they'll walk away with a bit of a caffeine high. Per the Dunkin' website, the brand has a team of experts that taste tests around 200 cups of coffee a day to ensure the product is top-notch. Because a pound of coffee contains 2,000 beans, experts ensure every batch of black coffee tastes the same as the next.

In a 2015 interview with The Boston Globe, Dunkin' taste tester Helene Marsot revealed how the taste testing process is done. Marsot tried the first taste of coffee four minutes after boiling water was added to the cup. After the initial taste, she inhaled and waited five additional minutes before quickly slurping up more coffee along with air. The coffee is then spat out and the quality is marked down. 

Now that you know how intricate the process really is, is this still a job you'd enjoy?