Nothing Bundt Cakes Brings Back Its Peppermint Chocolate Chip For The Holidays

"Seinfeld" fans may recall the season seven episode "The Rye" in which George Costanza (Jason Alexander) and his parents, Frank and Estelle (Jerry Stiller and Estelle Harris), have dinner with his fiance and her folks at their house (via IMDb). The evening is nothing short of awkward and, to top it off, the hosts fail to offer any cake to their guests following the meal, which George's parents express an issue with on the drive home.

"Who doesn't serve cake after a meal? What kind of people? Would it kill them to put out a pound cake? Something!" Frank says (via Seinfeld Scripts). In response, George tries to argue that it isn't that much of a problem — though his mother strongly disagrees. "It is a big deal. You're supposed to serve cake after a meal. I'm sorry. It's impolite," she retorts.

Though fictional, the scene does beg the question: Is it rude to not offer cake to your guests after a meal? Per Etiquette Scholar, dessert is an essential course at a formal dinner party, though if you're keeping the evening casual it seems the choice is up to you. Still it may be best practice to have a yummy treat on hand if you happen to be hosting a dinner party this holiday season, lest you be labelled impolite. If you're looking for a festive way to cap off your meal, Nothing Bundt Cakes' returning peppermint chocolate chip-flavored goodies may be just the thing.

Fans are excited to see Nothing Bundt Cakes' seasonal flavor again

Nobody wants their dinner guests to feel like idiots, which is how Estelle Costanza said she felt drinking coffee without cake in the "Seinfeld" episode "The Rye" (via Seinfeld Scripts). Fortunately, Nothing Bundt Cakes is making it easy for entertainers to have a sweet treat on deck for any upcoming get-togethers, as Chew Boom reports the bakery has brought back its beloved peppermint chocolate chip flavor for the holiday season.

Available nationwide, this treat features a rich, chocolate cake that is infused with chocolate chips and bits of peppermint and topped with a sweet cream cheese frosting (though you can opt to leave it off). It can be used in full 8- or 10-inch bundt cakes or the chain's smaller Bundlets that are the perfect individual snacking. Dozen-count boxes of bite-sized Bundtinis are also available, as are a variety of cake toppers that can add a festive flair (via Nothing Bundt Cakes).

Customers are more than happy to see the return of the peppermint chocolate chip flavor, which made its debut in 2015, per the brand's Facebook. "My absolute favorite," one person said in response to the bakery's Instagram post announcing its return. "I was getting nervous it wasn't coming back!" admitted another. Luckily, that's not the case. The flavor will likely disappear before the end of the year, so the bakery says you should "make today a cake day" and get it before it's gone.