Nadiya Hussain Said Comedian Alan Carr Could Be The Next GBBO Host

British reality hit "The Great British Bake Off," just waltzed through its thirteenth season, ending only last month in November, per Independent. Who would have thought watching twelve home bakers from across the U.K. scrabble through complicated bakes in a tent would be the makings of a hit? Part of what makes the show a success is the charming peak of English countryside we get through that tent and the ideal English country cottage decor in the tent, and the million and one warm fuzzy moments you get between the contestants, per BBC.

While we live for the judges' critiques, the hosts do a lot to set the tone of the show. According to BBC, we can thank original hosts Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins for the now-beloved tone of camaraderie that the show is so famous for. The story goes that Perkins and Giedroyc refused to keep performing when the producers tried to manufacture high-stakes drama by getting an early cast member to cry with some underhanded manipulations and poking at a sore spot. Though now we mostly rely on the hosts to crack good-natured jokes, they're still key to keeping that signature GBBO spirit. Now the show is in search of a new host, and winner Nadiya Hussain recently spoke about who she thinks it could be (via YouTube).

GBBO is in need of a new host

Big changes are coming to the set of "The Great British Bake Off." After three seasons and an astounding 51 trips through the tent, co-host Matt Lucas is leaving the successful show, saying he just doesn't have room in his schedule (per CNN). Long-time co-host Noel Fielding will be returning for season 14 of the popular show and wished his friend a fond farewell on Instagram, saying he would miss his "spark" and "kindness as a person and to all the bakers," among many other things, saying "You are a huge comic talent."

But the question remains, who will replace Lucas? A few theories have been put out there. Season 6 winner Nadiya Hussain has been suggested by fans on Twitter and 5 News (per YouTube). Hussain, who's just authored her seventh cookbook, Nadiya's Everyday Bakes and has become a television host in her own right with a substantial hosting resume under her belt including her latest, "Fast Flavours," "Nadiya's Everyday Bakes," and "Nadiya's American Adventure" (via Nadiya Hussain). As far as taking it back to GBBO, Hussain says she hasn't been asked. When asked who she would put in the running for the role, Hussain suggested British comedian Alan Carr, best known for his talk show "Alan Carr: Chatty Man." Carr, who's done a number of comedy specials, also appeared in "Celebrity Ding Dong" and had a supporting role in the film "Nativity" (via IMDb).