Dunkin' Stan Ben Affleck Was Caught Getting Starbucks With JLo

Academy Award-winning actor Ben Affleck might have just showed JLo the greatest display of affection by simply going to Starbucks with her. While to the ordinary person, this might not be seen as a major act of love, pop culture enthusiasts know that the longtime actor is an absolute Dunkin' fanatic.

A true New Englander at heart, Affleck grew up drinking Dunkin' Donuts and said in an interview with Collider that he has something from the chain every day. His dedication to the coffee shop has stayed consistent even after he's made Los Angeles his home for many years, even though the chain's presence is definitely more concentrated on the East Coast — with 95% of its restaurants being located in this region (via Benzinga).

But recently, Affleck was spotted leaving a Starbucks with his longtime partner, JLo, on Friday, December 9 (via Page Six). Many were taken aback by this move that was ... out of character for the star, to say the least.

Affleck tries a Starbucks Frappuccino on their coffee date

The couple was photographed in Santa Monica, according to People. While a lot of fans might have focused on their warm embrace, news outlets zoomed in on what Affleck was seen carrying — a Starbucks drink that appeared to be his own. It looked like the Hollywood star was carrying a Frappuccino, which differs from his usual Dunkin' order (rumored to be just an iced coffee with tons of sugar, via Vulture).

On the other hand, while she primarily indulges in decaf coffee, JLo is definitely a Starbucks supporter herself (via Refinery 29). Though her partner takes "running on Dunkin'" to an entirely new level, JLo is conversely known for bringing her bedazzled Starbucks cup with her everywhere (via The Cut). Despite not being seen with her precious tumbler this time around, the media and public have seen her allegiance to the Seattle-based coffee chain in the past — and now, how it's slowly influencing her husband.