The Ben Affleck Burger King Ad You Never Knew Existed

Ben Affleck is Hollywood royalty. The actor, director, and screenwriter has won several awards, including a 1997 Academy Award for his screenplay for "Good Will Hunting," according to The Hollywood Reporter. Affleck has also starred in hits such as "Pearl Harbor," "Armageddon," and "Argo." Before his film career took off, however, IMDb reports that a young Affleck appeared on several television series. 

Every actor has to start somewhere and, according to People, Affleck's start came in the form of a commercial. In 1989, a teenage Affleck starred in a Burger King commercial. Affleck, then about 17 years old, sports big, curly hair and an oversized jacket, but the voice is unmistakably Affleck's. 

In the commercial, Affleck portrays Jeff, a teen driving along in his car, when suddenly his cell phone rings. A woman on the other end of the line asks if she reached Burger King and Affleck says yes, she did. 

Burger King sold chef's salads?

Coincidentally, Ben Affleck can be seen driving past a Burger King restaurant as the mystery woman asks if she could have a chef's salad delivered. Affleck quickly detours to Burger King and delivers the salad to the young woman's door. Sadly, as she opens the door, Affleck's car phone rings again. This time, it's his dad. Instead of meeting the woman of his dreams, he says he will be right home with a grin. 

While the performance might not have been Oscar-worthy, it was a catalyst in the teen actor's rise to fame. Within a few years, Affleck was starring in films like "Dazed and Confused," "Mallrats," and "Chasing Amy." 

Though Burger King might have given Affleck his first acting break, the actor (who has rekindled his romance with Jennifer Lopez, according to NBC) now seems to prefer Dunkin' Donuts as his fast food eatery of choice. During last year's pandemic, the actor was caught holding cups of Dunkin's iced coffee in several photos, according to Business Insider