The Ferrero Group Just Took Over Halo Top And Blue Bunny

Change can be scary. That's especially true when it comes to our favorite foods. Nostalgia is a huge factor in how many people feel about their most beloved comfort foods. When there's a change, people can have a hard time dealing with it. Some people still feel distraught that McDonald's pies taste different than they used to (the chain stopped deep-frying its pies in 1992), and when foods like Nestle chocolate chips secretly changed their ingredients, you can bet people noticed — and freaked out (via Reddit).

Well, change-averse ice cream lovers better hold onto their hats, because a big change in the business world means that several beloved frozen treat brands, including Halo Top, Blue Bunny, Blue Ribbon Classics, and Bomb Pop, are about to be under new ownership. In a press release, The Ferrero Group announced that it would be acquiring Wells Enterprises, the company that currently owns the frozen treat brands. But one thing that people should remember is that while change can be scary, it can also be tasty. In this case, The Ferrero Group and Wells merger could lead to some delicious discoveries.

When candy met ice cream

If The Ferrero Group name sounds familiar, it's for good reason. There are seemingly more candy brands operating under The Ferrero Group's umbrella than there are gold foil-wrapped chocolates in a holiday gift-sized package of Ferrero Rocher candies. The Luxembourg-based company owns the brands Nerds, Trolli, Sweet-tarts, and Black Forest in the U.S. They also own Nutella, Kinder, Tic Tac, and the previously mentioned Ferrero Rocher, along with several other well-known candy brands (think Butterfinger and Keebler).

In a press release, Giovanni Ferrero, the Ferrero Group's executive chairman, said that the merger was, "bringing together ice cream experts and confectionary champions." The deal is expected to close next year, so it may be a while before you see any changes, should there be any.

But that got us thinking: could we soon see a literal merger of confectionaries and ice creams thanks to this business deal? Imagine if Blue Bunny had a Nutella-flavored ice cream, or if Bomb Pops were filled with Nerds. Sounds pretty tasty, right? The merger also gives the Wells Enterprises brands the backing needed to improve their existing products, according to Food Dive, which pointed out such things happening in the past with other Ferrero Group acquisitions. 

Only time will tell what the future holds for The Ferrero Group and Wells Enterprises, but the companies assure fans that there are "many exciting opportunities ahead."