Twitter Was Very Confused When Costco Gave Out Cat Food Samples

The manufacturers of cat food know that your feline doesn't do the shopping. As a result, they market their products to humans who will, in turn, purchase their tabby's groceries on their behalf. This is likely why the pet food realm is so confusing. Seriously, who wouldn't want to eat a "Fancy Feast?" With names like Ocean Whitefish and Salmon, Tuna and Duck Devour Me, or White Meat Chicken Florentine, these meals sound tastier than the canned meat that is meant for human consumption. Be honest: How appetizing does the name Spam really sound?

If Fluffy's Salmon Feast in Seared Gravy has ever activated your drool response and made you want to eat like your cat, you have likely wondered if cat food can be safely eaten by people. Kathryn Michel, a veterinary nutritionist, told Vice that pet food manufacturers must adhere to certain standards of sanitation and safety, but they are not the same as those required by producers of people food. If it makes you sick, you won't be able to sue. Catological adds that cat food is very high in fat and it contains levels of vitamin A that are unsafe for humans. Clearly, people food is a much wiser choice for those with opposable digits.

This likely explains the reaction on Twitter when Costco decided to hand out free cat food samples.

The cat food samples created difficult questions

When Twitter user Jonny Manganello, posted a picture of a Costco location giving out cat food samples, people were clearly astounded. With small portions doled out in plastic bowls accompanied by a napkin dispenser, the question posed by Manganello makes perfect sense: "Is Costco giving out cat food samples?" The bigger question, however, is "Who is supposed to eat them?" Your feline shopping assistant? One commenter seemed stumped by the absence of spoons, remarking that "you have to eat it like a cat." One person joked about the presence of the napkins. Another said they "don't let [their cat] shop alone," as they'd come home with the expensive stuff, while one pointed out the allergy alert sign posted on the display. And, finally, a respondent claimed it was delicious paired with a white Zinfandel.

Interestingly, according to Costco, only service animals are allowed to accompany their humans in their warehouses. The company website assures customers that the "allowance of a service animal into our warehouse is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act." This only raises more questions about who these free food samples are for. When was the last time you saw someone shopping with a service cat? Not that there's anything wrong with that. If, however, you do have a shopping service cat, there is good news. Your feline finally has access to Costco's free food samples. It still doesn't explain the napkins though.