New Survey Names Papa Murphy's As The Best Pizza Chain

What's the best pizza in America? Is it an authentic New York slice or Chicago-style deep dish? According to a new survey by Marketforce Information, it's neither. It's pizza from the popular chain Papa Murphy's. While it may not truly be the best pizza in America, what we've gathered from the results of the survey and the data compiled to get there is that Papa Murphy's seems to make a very reliable pie.

This isn't the first time Papa Murphy's has been recognized for their quality. The restaurant was one of 220 chains named in Newsweek's "America's Favorite Restaurant Chains of 2022" list, where the pizza purveyor received a five-star rating, the highest awarded. Newsweek also named the take n' bake franchise number one in customer service for the second year running in 2022 (per Globe Newswire). To find the winner, Newsweek surveyed 25,000 consumers and judged eateries in the categories of "Likelihood of Recommendation, Customer Focus, Quality of Communication, Professional Competence, Accessibility, [and] Range of Services."

What makes Papa Murphy's the best?

How did this new survey compiled by Market Force Information determine that Papa Murphy's should wear the coveted crown of best pizza shop in the U.S.? (per Market Force). They surveyed nearly 5,200 North Americans in the summer of 2022 to get the results. Other competitors who went up against Papa Murphy's for the crown were Domino's, Pizza Hut, Marco's Pizza, Little Caesars, and Papa John's.

The companies were partially judged on their customer loyalty. Papa Murphy's scored the highest of all pizza brands in this category and third highest of the numerous brands in the survey, landing a 4.7 out of 5. Marco's Pizza came in close behind with a customer loyalty score of 4.5. Little Caesars brought up the rear for brands overall. Overall, Papa Murphy's was given a Customer Loyalty Index score of 72%. If a 4.7/5 resulted in a 72%, we'd hate to see what Little Caesars scored. The restaurants were judged on "Food Quality, Atmosphere in the Restaurant, Value Received for Money Spent, Speed of Service, [and] Friendliness of Staff."

Another key factor was how many problems people reported from the brand and how many were resolved positively. Papa Murphy's had a stellar record in that category, with an impressive 0 bad experiences reported. Papa John's came up second in this category with 8% bad experiences and 25% of those resolved positively.

While Domino's had a slight advantage in the "Share of Wallet" category, Papa Murphy's stuck the landing with Brand Trust, one of the key factors to driving long-term value, with an impressive 4.5/5.