Duff Goldman Is Posting Everything He Eats On His Nutrition Journey

Duff Goldman is at it again. Eating healthy and getting fit, that is. While the 48-year-old pastry chef best known for making outrageous cakes on his long running show "Ace of Cakes" has taken to Instagram to share his latest weight loss journey on his new account @beefcakecookie, this isn't the first time he's taken to the platform to share the news of losing weight. According to People, in an Instagram post that has since been deleted, Goldman shared side-by-side before and after selfies in 2017 after exercising and "eating clean." In the "after" selfie, his face is significantly slimmer.

Goldman's latest foray into health and fitness began in March of 2022 when he started the @beefcakecookie account. His first post features a photo of him and his daughter, Josephine, whom he credits for inspiring him to be as healthy as he possibly can be. Since starting his journey, there have been numerous posts showing Goldman working out as well as sharing what he eats during a typical day.

Behold: bountiful broccoli

Duff Goldman's first food post on his new healthy Instagram account is of a plate of carrots, broccoli, and diced chicken. "Eating right is THE HARDEST THING about getting fit ... when it comes to nutrition, I feel like my brain and stomach are conspiring against me. The trick is balance. Eat clean most of the time and then have a treat once in a while," Goldman captioned the pic.

Since then, Goldman has shared several of his meals, including a spicy Israeli salad made with Persian cucumbers, sardine curry, kale and sweet potato salad, and many, many pics of broccoli and grilled chicken, which seems to be his go-to lunch or dinner. Goldman ends most of the post's captions with "We're doing this." As of this week, he reports he has lost 25 pounds so far.

Fans have taken to the comments with words of support for Duff Goldman, including @lisalustgarten who wrote, "You have to be really proud of yourself! Dieting isn't easy, especially during the holidays! It is nice when you see the results of your hard work," along with @zarastobo who chimed in saying, "Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing your journey!"