Crumbl Cookies Just Dropped An Eggnog Flavor In Time For The Holidays

You don't have to have blue fur and live on Sesame Street to love cookies. And even if you consider yourself to be merely an occasional enjoyer of this baked treat, there is one place where your inner Cookie Monster is bound to lose control: Crumbl Cookies. If you haven't yet encountered Crumbl the nation's "fastest-growing cookie company" and home to what the company website calls the "world's best chocolate chip cookie," that means there are hundreds of cookie flavors you haven't yet tried. Every week, Crumbl customers can choose from a new batch of limited-edition varieties (the famed chocolate chip is always on offer). Among the most popular Crumbl cookies are waffle, pecan pie, Reese's cup, and birthday cake, but singling out the best one is completely subjective and something you'll just have to decide on your own. 

If you need inspiration, a visit to the chain's highly followed TikTok or Instagram accounts will do the job — or at least make you wish your screen had a scratch-and-sniff option while narrowing down your order. However, the chain's new holiday cookie is flavored with a seasonal ingredient whose aroma you already know: eggnog, just in time for Santa's big day. 

The eggnog cookie is racking up positive reviews

Crumbl Cookies Instagrammed its holiday lineup less than 24 hours ago, and the response has been enthusiastic. Several commenters were particularly pleased with the inclusion of the eggnog cookie: Some said they've been waiting for the "nog cookie" for some time, another said that "anything eggnog is calling my name," and a different user gushed that it was one of their all-time favorites. How would one describe this cookie that is based on a holiday beverage? The company's website says it is a "festive sugar cookie topped with smooth eggnog buttercream frosting and a sprinkle of ground nutmeg." 

What's the word on the street regarding Crumbl's eggnog offering? A YouTube review by The Southern Snack gives it a strong 9.5 out of 10, saying, "If you're an eggnog fan, you're bound to love this one," as it "hits the mark" and "rocks you to the core." The Eagle Eye gave this cookie a 9 out of 10, saying it was one of their favorites. And, when asked if the eggnog cookie was "worth it," the folks on Reddit's r/CrumblCookies replied with a resounding, "If you like eggnog, you'll like this cookie."