What Exactly Is A 'Wet Burrito'?

Picture this: it's a late December night, and suddenly, you get a severe case of the munchies. Many people may opt for the humble burrito, whether made at home or enjoyed in a Tex-Mex restaurant of their choice. Statista reveals that in 2017, people in the U.S. voted with their wallets for the best restaurants selling burritos. In first place is Taco Bell, with $9.8 billion in sales, followed by Chipotle and El Pollo Loco. 

Burritos are portable and hearty meals that contain everything we need to be satiated: carbs, protein, and fat. What's best is that burritos can be eaten by hand, meaning there's no cleaning up later, apart from washing our hands if things get a bit messy. First We Feast reveals that the burrito originated in Northern Mexico, but it soon crossed the border. Nowadays, it's pretty popular with Americans. In fact, it's so popular that some burrito styles have evolved to be "more American than Mexican." There's even a Californian burrito, with a heap of french fries stuffed inside the tortilla wrapper (per GQ). More than 50% of Americans said they would choose a good burrito over a date.

There are many more styles of burritos: Mexican-style, Mission-style from San Francisco, San Diego-style, L.A.-style, Korean-style, breakfast burritos, and even wet burritos. Why would a burrito be wet, you ask? The answer is rather delicious.

A smothered or wet burrito is topped with melted cheese and red or green enchilada sauce

One of the many ways you can enjoy a burrito is wet, a top option for many. Also known as a smothered burrito, this type of burrito is the same as your classic burrito but with one key difference: it's served with melted cheese and a delectable chili sauce on top. Unfortunately for those seeking a handheld burrito, wet burritos are too messy to eat with your hands. MasterClass suggests using utensils while indulging in this nourishing meal. 

The delicious wraps are typically stuffed with shredded beef, rice, and beans, while the sauces on top include red or green enchilada sauces, per MasterClass. And a special version made for Christmas will usually have both on top. These smothered burritos are often accompanied by refried beans, pico de gallo, guacamole, and hot peppers, which can be served on the side or used as a part of the filling. 

And if you want to taste the best wet burritos, according to Mexicali-Blue, you're likely to find some great options in Colorado, Oregon, New Mexico, Illinois, and California, which are considered the states that make the best Mexican cuisine in the U.S.