Taco Bell Vs Taco John's: Which Is Better?

When the urge to taco strikes, there isn't a food in the world that could swoop in and replace those stuffed, handheld vessels of delicious fixings with the same kind of satisfaction. Taco time is serious, but that also leaves you with one huge looming question immediately after you decide to indulge your urge for tacos: What establishment that slings tacos –- along with other great Mexican cuisine –- is worth your time and money? Most of the time, the answer isn't clear as day, and the question can leave you scratching your head while your hunger increases tenfold.

However, two chain eateries on a mission to help you and your appetite answer that burning question are Taco Bell and Taco John's. Both spots have a menu full of Mexican grub just waiting for you to sink that famished palate into, but of the two, which one ultimately reigns supreme? It isn't always obvious, which is why we're here to help. The next time Mexican food is dancing through your head like Christmas sugarplums, keep these facts in mind so you ensure the greatest dining experience possible.

Taco Bell has a much more expansive breakfast menu

Now, while the thought of traveling to a Mexican fast-food spot with the word "taco" in its name might not sound like something you should do in the wee hours of the morning before you eat breakfast, think again! Both Taco Bell and Taco John's have breakfast options for those early risers who are craving something quick and affordable. However, just know that Taco Bell has way more options to choose from.

The breakfast menu at Taco John's only offers customers five main options, four of them being different breakfast burrito combinations and one scrambler platter. The choices do have ingredients like spicy chorizo and the golden crispy Potato Oles the chain is known for, but that still doesn't come close to trumping the breakfast selections at Taco Bell. Your options more than double, ranging from breakfast burritos to Crunchwrap Supremes stuffed with delicious morning fixings. Plus, Taco Bell has a breakfast box option that gets high marks because it gives customers a sausage crunchwrap, hash browns, and two Cinnabon Delights.

There are way more Taco Bell than there are Taco John's locations

When that urge to get some Mexican food hits you like a lightning strike, you have no option but to hop in the car and head to the nearest spot slinging great tasting, affordable food. Now, if you live in certain parts of the country you'll have the option of choosing either Taco Bell or Taco John's. However, for many of us, Taco Bell will get our business simply on the fact there are a heck of a lot more locations. Like, way more ...

According to the website, "Taco John's operates and franchises nearly 400 restaurants in 23 states." That's quite a way it's come from its humble beginnings in Cheyenne, Wyoming, back in 1969. However, Taco Bell totally stomps that number out. As of December 12, 2022, the Bell currently has in all 50 states with over7,700 locations spread across the United States. So, chances are you'll stumble across a Taco Bell long before you see a Taco John's.

Taco John's food is better

Now, when it comes to fast Mexican food, everyone has their own preference. Much of the taste is completely subjective, and that's totally natural. Some people love certain ingredients that others abhor, which means it's tough to say with confidence that a certain spot's food is better than someplace else. However, based on some reviews of both Taco Bell and Taco John's, you might want to lean towards Taco John's if you're looking for deliciously hard-hitting tacos.

In one scathing Taco Bell review left by a disgruntled customer named Rakia Fentress, she claimed a hard-shelled taco she ordered "smelled and tasted like chemicals" and "left a horrible taste in my mouth and made me feel a little dizzy." Yikes. Another Taco Bell customer was displeased that his Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco lacked "that flagrant in-your-face Cool Ranch [flavor]." However, Taco John's customers seem to rave about the place, with one stating, "This place is a step up from Taco Bell, and we were pleasantly surprised at the quality and quantity of the food." Another Yelp reviewer stated, "It's better than Taco Bell. Get the Potato Ole's. They are crack." Shots fired, Taco Bell.

Taco John's nachos are a step above Taco Bell's

When we were kids and asked our parents if we could eat a plate of nachos for every meal, it was more than likely they'd put the kibosh on that idea immediately. But, as an adult, we can eat anything we want (within reason, of course). That means you can order up a plate of nachos for a meal, but as we all know, not all plates of nachos are created equal. So, if you've got nachos on the noggin while trying to decide where to get some -– Taco Bell or Taco John's –- know that Taco John's has a more enticing nacho option.

Now, don't be fooled into thinking Taco Bell has three different nacho options. The Nachos BellGrande is the only actual nacho platter. The other two are 7-Layer options that use fries instead of tortilla chips, so they really aren't nachos at all. The Nachos BellGrande is a tray of chips with refried beans, nacho cheese sauce, ground beef, sour cream, and diced tomatoes. The Super Nachos at Taco John's ups the ante with ground beef, refried beans, nacho cheese sauce, a shredded four-cheese blend, sour cream, diced tomatoes, and guacamole.

Taco Bell has a lot more drinks to choose from

It's tough to make it through a whole meal, especially one that contains a decent amount of sodium, without the urge to take a sip of any beverage. So, when it comes to drink selection, it's imperative for an establishment to offer a solid variety of liquids to wash down the grub. Well, if locking in a drink is high on your to-do list when you go out for Mexican food, Taco Bell absolutely reigns supreme in this category.

If you dine at Taco John's, you have four drink options: cold brew coffee, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, or Lipton's Iced Tea. Its website doesn't even list 7-UP or Mellow Yello as an option! Take a sidestep into Taco Bell, however, and you're hit with not only fountain soda drinks, iced tea, coffee, and orange juice, but you get the option of iced drinks called Freezes. Choose from flavors like mango, cherry bliss, wild cherry, and the uber popular Mountain Dew Baja Blast. Of course, you can also cop yourself with a number of flavored teas, as well. Taco Bell has you covered on drinks, and it wears that fact proudly.

Both chains offer two amazing desserts

After a meal chock-full of savory flavors, your palate craves something sweet to offset all the rich tastes that just sucker-punched it over and over. That's exactly where the fast food dessert menu swoops in like a sugary superhero to give you the taste sensations you eagerly need. Now, both Taco Bell and Taco John's aren't exactly establishments that go hard with the dessert option, but both offer two menu options that are sure to hit the right spot.

If you find yourself finishing up a meal at Taco Bell with dessert on your mind, you have the option of either Cinnamon Twists or Cinnabon Delights. Both give you a punch of cinnamon, but the twists are crunchy and dusted with cinnamon, while the Cinnabon Delights are soft, warm morsels of cinnamon-dusted dough filled with sweet cream. Taco John's offers customers a choice of either a churro or Mexican donut bites. The churros are fried to a crisp and dusted in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. The donut bites are "bite-sized pastries rolled in cinnamon sugar and then drizzled with rich cream cheese icing."

Taco Bell has more veggie options

Now that more people are adamant about adhering to a clean and healthy diet, vegetarian options are quickly becoming super popular. Loading your body up with a bunch of veggies is always a healthier option than consuming tons of red meat or other protein that might spike that cholesterol and blood pressure. So, if you're someone who's trying to avoid giving into your inner carnivore's desire to consume four-legged creatures, you'll absolutely want to head to Taco Bell over Taco John's.

If you're guiding your attention towards a vegetarian meal at Taco John's, you can order up the four-cheese quesadilla or the bean burrito, that's it (well, you can also order a side salad, but let's be honest, you're gonna need something more substantial than that to get your through the next few hours). Taco Bell, however, has vegetarian appetites in mind. They carry a bunch of veggie options to satisfy a non-animal diet, like a 7-Layer Veggie Nacho Fry Burrito, a Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito, a Black Bean Chalupa Supreme, a Veggie Mexican Pizza, and a Veggie Power Menu Bowl. It's really no contest when it comes to fast food taco veggie options. 

Taco Bell is more affordable

Nowadays, a big reason why we eat certain places is that it fits our budget. As much as we'd like to win the lottery and never have to worry about finances again, that likely won't happen, and that can mean making meal decisions based on the cost. Now, the good thing about both Taco Bell and Taco John's is that neither one is gonna send you packing to the poor house. However, when it comes down to the nitty-gritty expenditure aspect of these two places, Taco Bell is definitely a cheaper option.

Let's take a look at some of the menu items and compare, shall we? Of course, the menus don't contain exactly the same items, so we'll compare an option they do have in common. Taco Bell, for example, charges $1.69 for a crunchy and soft taco and $2.49 if you want to make either supreme. Taco John's charges $1.99 for a ground beef taco, but they also have the option of upping the charge even more for different proteins. For example, sirloin steak costs 30 cents more than Taco Bell's Suprem Taco.

Some Taco Bell Cantina locations offer alcohol

It's not often you can head to a fast-food spot to snag yourself a great affordable meal and get some alcoholic drinks to enjoy while you toss down the grub. Well, Taco Bell is a little different, and they know just how well a smooth adult beverage helps wash down a mouthful of savory Mexican cuisine. This is something you can't find at Taco John's, which means when you want to eat well and drink like a college student on a Friday night, the Taco Bell Cantina is where you need to head to.

Taco Bell Cantinas offer a great selection of alcohol to help take off the edge of the stressful work week. It has beers ranging from well-known brands like Budweiser and Michelob to high-ABV brews like Voodoo Ranger and Hop Commander. It's not every day you can walk into a fast-food spot and swig a refreshing beer, but at Taco Bell Cantina locations, you're more than welcome to.

Which chain is better overall?

Now, deciding which chain is better overall definitely comes down to personal preference and the availability of each spot in certain areas of the country, but according to this list, there really is only one establishment that comes out on top: Taco Bell. Now, if you're a Taco John's fan, don't be perturbed one bit. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion — even if it's an unpopular one — and the best thing about opinions is that none of them are wrong.

The reason why Taco Bell comes out on top in this culinary competition is due to its vegetarian options, its cost, drink options, and breakfast options. All of these perks, one can argue, would outshine the Taco John's menu selections (or lack thereof). Meat-free diets are popular, so it's imperative a spot offers several veggie options. Plus, everyone loves affordability. And, you can't wash food down properly without a refreshing drink, and Taco Bell has a plethora of them. Hey, sometimes you gotta think outside the bun, and that thought will lead you straight to the Bell.