One Simple Trick Will Get You A Vegetarian Sandwich At Chick-Fil-A

When you think of Chick-fil-A, you likely think of, well, chicken. After all, the fast food chain is best known for its crispy chicken nuggets and iconic chicken sandwiches, which Chick-fil-A sells some 400,000 of every single day (via Salvaggio's Deli). You can even get chicken on a biscuit in the morning. In fact, its slogan also goes as "Eat mor chikin." Because of its meaty menu, it's not exactly the first place a vegetarian would think to go. However, for plant-based eaters — or those who are just trying to cut back on their meat intake — the good news is that the chain has a few vegetarian options available.

Some of the popular meat-free menu items include the coveted Chick-fil-A waffle fries, kale crunch side dish, or the line-up of salads like the Cobb salad or the Spicy Southwest salad. However, there's another vegetarian Chick-fil-A order that you may not be familiar with. And no, it isn't a salad. 

It's straight off the secret menu

For a no-meat meal, order the Chick-fil-A grilled cheese sandwich the next time you're at the drive-thru. Though you won't find it on the regular menu. Instead, it's a popular pick on the restaurant's secret menu, according to Business Insider, where you can have your sandwich bun toasted with cheese for a vegetarian option. You can get really fancy with it, too, and order the Chick-fil-A Deluxe sandwich sans chicken. Your result? A grilled cheese on a fluffy buttered bun with pickles, lettuce, and tomato.

One Redditor recommends picking your preferred cheese and then turning the bun inside out (so the grilled sides are on the outside) for the best experience. An employee commented on the same post and said they actually have a grilled cheese button on their register — so it must not be that uncommon of a request. As to whether ordering a grilled cheese sandwich will annoy your local Chick-fil-A cashier, many Redditors say not to worry about it. "It is not difficult to ring up a bun and cheese," one person said. "The kitchen will either be comfortable with making your request or they won't do it."