How A Stand Mixer Will Revolutionize The Way You Make Scrambled Eggs

While there are dozens of ways to prepare eggs — hard boiling, poaching, frying, or folding into an omelet — one of the most popular is scrambling them. In fact, according to a YouGov survey, more than a third of Americans prefer scrambled eggs to any other form. Light and fluffy, they're an easy and protein-filled accompaniment to a few slices of buttered toast or a stack of buttermilk pancakes. Plus, since they're such a simple dish, scrambled eggs are as ideal for quick weekday breakfasts as they are for brunch for a crowd.

Everyone has their own tips and tricks for whipping up the perfect scrambled eggs. You can add extra ingredients like lemon juice, parsley, or even creme fraiche (a la Gordon Ramsay) or follow the spatula technique, where you push the eggs from the edge to the center of the pan over and over instead of swirling them around. One scrambled egg hack you might not have heard of yet, however, is making them with a stand mixer. Here's why you might want to break out your trusty KitchenAid the next time you're on breakfast duty.

It's a more efficient method

A whisk or even a fork will do when you're just scrambling an egg or two. But if you're preparing a larger batch or if you just want to exert a little less effort, a stand mixer can come in handy. "When cooking scrambled eggs, omelets, or even making a quiche for a group of friends or family members, make a large batch of whipped eggs using the whisk attachment on the mixer set on low to medium speed," Kyle St. John, executive chef at The Ranch at Laguna Beach, told All Recipes. He adds that this method also results in more evenly scrambled eggs.

This process of scrambling the eggs incorporates air into the mixture which gives them that coveted fluffy texture. Thus, your goal is to beat in as much air as possible while mixing. Kyle St. John recommends folding in a little cream with the mixture to make them light and fluffy.