The Aldi Yogurt That's Turning Stomachs Over Blue Mold

Yogurt is a common element in a good diet as, according to Medical News Today, yogurt often contains high portions of probiotics, calcium, protein, and other nutrients that contribute to health benefits. Whether you enjoy yogurt in the morning in a smoothie or prefer it plain with berries and granola, incorporating yogurt into your diet is usually a healthy decision.

Aldi is a great place to purchase yogurt, often at lower prices than other grocery stores, and it carries varieties that vary by location but might include Aldi's Greek yogurt, plain varieties, or flavored yogurts from Aldi's Friendly Farms line. One product that has also been spotted in stores is Friendly Farms Greek Yogurt Key Lime Crunch, an item that seems similar to Chobani Flip and consists of a divided container with key lime-flavored yogurt on one side and graham crackers and white chocolate chips to be mixed in on the other. Aldi Reviewer gave the product a positive review, sharing, "The lime flavor is just right, and the white chocolate and graham cracker pieces add a nice crunch."

Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, as we know, things aren't always what they seem as a shopper on Reddit have noted.

Mold in their yogurt left one Redditor feeling blue

While Aldi's Friendly Farms Greek Yogurt Key Lime Crunch might sound appealing, one Reddit user is sounding the alarm on the product after discovering blue mold in the yogurt. The Redditor, u/IamCheeseSnob, took to the platform to share a pic of their "favorite" yogurt featuring blue mold in the actual yogurt with the caption, "My yogurt has blue mold on top of it and is far from the expiration date. Super disappointing!" Talk about stomach-turning.

u/IamCheeseSnob added in the comments that they had purchased the product just the day before, and were curious about their options for returning it to Aldi. u/Low-Tomatillo2287 suggested, "Customer service via their website will tell you to return it. I did this once. Make sure you get a refund and a replacement."

Another option would be simply to throw the product out, but either way, according to a spokeswoman for the Institute of Food Technologists, Kantha Shelke, you should definitely not eat moldy yogurt. Shelke also offers advice for how you can steer clear of purchasing moldy yogurt in the first place, and it's all about examining the packaging. "Avoid selecting yogurt containers that are swollen and have torn or wrinkled foil seals," Shelke says (via USA TODAY).