Andrew Zimmern Calls Out The Worst Food Moments Of 2022

We've reached that time of year when everyone's reflecting on their triumphs and planning their resolutions for the new year. Well, maybe not everyone. Some of us are sitting here, scrolling back in time on the internet, and shaking our heads at all the wild things that conspired in 2022.

As it turns out, "Bizarre Foods" host Andrew Zimmern may just be a member of that second group. To be fair, Zimmern's website calls out fermented shark, deep-fried tarantulas, and grub skewers as being among the strangest things he's eaten, so the guy has definitely seen enough to know what's what.

All that said, Zimmern recently took to TikTok to share what he deems "the worst food moments of 2022." We know that cloud bread, charcuterie boards, and pasta chips had TikTok obsessed, but did any of us stop to wonder what actual chefs thought of these foods? Well, regardless, Zimmern has shared his thoughts, and they're spicy.

Are these food trends actually worth the hype?

Andrew Zimmern is wrapping up the year by sharing his "naughty & nice list" of 2022 food trends on TikTok. His list of "worst food moments" is only four items long, but as you'll see, people had a lot to say about the first two items — butter boards and Instant Pots.

Similar to charcuterie boards, butter boards became a popular party platter this year. Butter boards are essentially boards spread with butters and herbs, which you can then dip bread and crackers into. However, many TikTokers agreed with Zimmern's take, saying that butter boards are "disgusting" and "seem so unsanitary."

As for Instant Pots, nearly everyone disagreed with Zimmern. Several people pointed out that not everyone has "endless time to stand around and watch a pot," and the Instant Pot in particular is great for busy families and holiday parties.

The last two items on Zimmern's list — added sugars and "something that happened at the World Cup" — received essentially no response whatsoever from TikTok, and that should tell you all you need to know.