The Kitchen Appliance To Utilize For Fully Blended Salad Dressing

There are infinite ways to prepare a salad that tastes great, offers health benefits, and keeps you full. Although they're often associated with boring diets, bland flavors, and thanks to Ron Swanson, rabbit food, salads can be as sinful and satiating as you want them to be. In the summer, you can whip up a fresh-Mex salad with corn, salsa, avocado, tomato, peppers, radishes, herbs, tortilla strips, and a spicy ranch. In the winter, you can make a warm salad to fight off low temperatures with quinoa, greens, roasted sweet potato, baked chicken, and lemon zest.

It's long been cited that adding vegetables to your diet lowers blood pressure, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, prevents cancer, boosts digestion, and even keeps you full for a longer period of time (per Harvard). So not only can salads be as tasty as a box of pizza, but eating them often will improve your quality of life.

But what's a salad without a great dressing to match? If you're making a salad dressing from scratch, it can be hard to emulsify all of the ingredients with just a whisk. Here's what to use instead.

A stand mixer is a foolproof way to fully blend homemade salad dressing

Typically used for mixing ingredients while baking, a stand mixer can also help you perfect your homemade salad dressing. If your scratch salad dressing is made up of various ingredients that have different consistencies, it's easy for them to separate, causing the flavors and textures of the dressing to isolate rather than unify. Many salad dressings call for oil, which easily separates from other common dressing ingredients like cheese and cream. And as delicious as basil is, if herbs and other ingredients are not fully emulsified into a dressing, it can pack an overwhelming punch. The key to a good dressing starts with fully blending it together, and that starts with a stand mixer.

Using a stand mixer can take the pressure off your wrists and help you multitask all while emulsifying your salad dressing automatically. In a quote given to All Recipes, chef, restaurateur, and author Risa Magid Boyer says, "It's easier to whip up a salad dressing when you let the mixer do the work. Whisking quickly and pouring in oil slowly can be a tricky task."

Next time you're making a warm, winter salad, simply sit by the fire and let your stand mixer do the hard work.