TikTok's Convenient Hack For Storing Cake

Cooking goes beyond food and recipes. Being a cook includes learning budgeting, conscious shopping, proper washing, and storing food. Having good habits in the kitchen helps us save money, meal prep in a smarter way, and help reduce food waste. Thanks to the Internet, we are exposed to clever food hacks almost every day and often learn something new about what to do with a certain food or with our leftovers.

The mind behind the TikTok profile @Crappy2Happy reached more than 19,000 followers with cleaning, cooking, time management, and budgeting hacks we all love, need, and sometimes forget.

In one TikTok video, she shared a convenient hack to store leftover cake. The reason most people called this hack a "genius," "clever," and "brilliant" trick was that it required an article we all have in our kitchen, and instead of replacing it, she just suggested switching the order we use the things. "Due to this post, I think I'm in love with her," commented a user, and we couldn't agree more.

Sit your leftover cake on a plastic container lid and cover it with the bottom

TikToker @Crappy2Happy put a slice of a cake over plastic container lid and covered it with the bottom of the container to avoid ruining the frosting or breaking the whole slice apart. A user wrote that "it's the same concept as buying a cake at the grocery store," when the cakes sit over a flat portion, which makes it easy to open, cut, and serve. Mostly, people were thankful she just suggested a new way of using a plastic container.

"Why at 58 years old am I just figuring this out through you?" said a user, who pointed out that this hack was simple but something we barely think of. "This is so obvious and genius," read a comment to the video on Instagram.

However, we must be careful. A user said they would use it for a pasta sauce, and @Crappy2Happy insistently said no. This type of hack is specifically for storing cake and solid food. A user said that they might need to "resist the urge to turn it over after I close it," a very probable scenario in the kitchen for you or the people that live with you. Try to put a note or post-it over it to remember is in your fridge. Do this until you get used to seeing a flipped plastic container in your fridge, and enjoy an intact slice of leftover cake!