The Reason You Should Skip Buying Hot Dogs At The Movie Theater

Today, there's enough food on a movie theater's menu to feed the entire family, from hot dogs to nachos and cheese, to soft pretzels and — of course — buttery popcorn, which was voted favorite movie snack by 54% of people in a Mashed survey. However, when theaters first came to be, there weren't any type of refreshments available. This finally changed during the Great Depression when cinemas were having trouble staying afloat, per Britannica. Popcorn was the first treat chosen for movie theater snacking, namely because it was cheap and easy to make. From there, it became a staple. According to a 2018 survey by Candy, Cocktails, & Cinema Cuisine, 38% of patrons purchase popcorn during a movie, followed by soda, candy, slushies, pretzels, and hot dogs.

Per Forum-Theatre, theaters serve hot dogs because they're easy to eat, so they're suitable for those wanting to down a quick snack before fixing their attention on the movie. The hot dogs served in cinemas are made of beef, pork, and chicken that make it unique compared to the average hot dog. We have some bad news for hot dog lovers, though. There are several reasons why you should skip buying hot dogs at a movie theater and choose a different menu item instead.

Even the employees won't eat them

It might be bad news for those who love them, but hot dogs are one thing you should never order at a movie theater. In fact, movie theater employees don't even trust them enough to eat them. Per the Daily Mail, hot dogs can remain unsold for several days, so they aren't exactly fresh nor do they taste amazing. Furthermore, they aren't a nutritious choice either. According to AMC Theaters, its hot dogs contain 270 calories and 15 grams of fat. And that's only if they're ordered plain.

One Redditor asked what theater food commenters can't wrap their heads around. Many moviegoers mentioned hot dogs, with one saying they only eat them if it's a must. "I only get hot dogs when I haven't had time to eat, it's a last resort thing," they wrote. Another recalled the horror of trying one before, writing "I ate a hot dog once at the movies. Would not do it again." So, take it from the workers and the general public and stay away from hot dogs the next time you buy food at a movie theater.