You Can Turn The Negroni Sbagliato Into Actual Cookies

The only thing that the internet loves more than a tasty, viral internet beverage is the cookie version of that same tasty, viral internet beverage. This alone is evident from Taylor Swift's viral chai tea sugar cookies, which had Swifties and seasoned bakers scrambling to make this pastry in their kitchen.

A few months ago, a clip of Emma D'Arcy being interviewed forever altered the lives of both "House of the Dragon" fans and bartenders alike. The actor had stated that their go-to drink was "a negroni sbagliato, with prosecco in it." Ever since then, people have been rushing to try this drink to see what the hype was all about. And according to Eater, some brands have even made their own bottled version of the drink, giving fans the option to enjoy this mixed beverage at home and not at an upscale bar, if they choose to do so.

According to Inside the Rustic Kitchen, this cocktail is described as "bitter, fruity, and bubbly." And although these might not sound like the most ideal flavors for a cookie, somehow, a food stylist and cookie connoisseur is able to make it work.

You'll want to make these cookies for a night in

Jesse Szewczyk is a food stylist based in New York City, but he has a serious passion for making original cookies that both taste delicious and look like art. According to Thrillist, he just released his new cookbook titled "Cookies: The New Classics: A Baking Book," which features 100 cookie recipes that aren't just your average chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin.

But there is one special cookie that references the viral Emma D'Arcy TikTok audio, and that is the "Campari Shortbread Cookies with Crunchy Orange Sugar." The cookie embodies the spirit and flavor of the newly famous cocktail: Not only does it utilize a homemade orange sugar, which gives it a similar citrus flavor often paired with a negroni, but it also includes the booze. Szewczyk uses Campari in this recipe, which is another fruity liquor and can be compared to the taste of D'Arcy's favorite cocktail. So if you'd rather stay in than go out to a bar, try out Szewczyk's new cookie creation for a similar taste bud-altering experience.