The Time Gordon Ramsay Got Absolutely Humiliated Over Pad Thai

Gordon Ramsay built his brand around being one of the sharpest tongues in the kitchen, but there was actually one instance in which a senior chef gave him a taste of his own medicine.

Despite the number of times celebrity chef Ramsay has put other people on the spot, his own cooking has been humbled a handful of different times. This ranges from a case concerning one of his plate-to-food ratio dishes to an instance where his less-than-desirable grilled cheese was debated over the internet. One of his dishes was even turned away at a dim sum restaurant in London because the skin of his dumplings were too loose (via YouTube). According to US Magazine, a similar instance happened back in 2009, when a chef told Ramsay that his take on Thailand's national dish left a lot to be desired.

While it's not often Ramsay is left speechless, this particular experience rendered the chef a bit befuddled.

The chef views Ramsay's quick dish as subpar

This iconic moment happened a few years back — the head chef of Blue Elephant, an upscale Thai restaurant in London, clearly expressed that he was not a fan of a dish that Ramsay prepared. Given Ramsay's fierce temper, many people might be afraid to question — let alone challenge — the notorious chef. However, Chef Chang was not afraid to call Ramsay out on his subpar pad thai.

Not only did Chef Chang criticize Ramsay's dish with a sour face, but he dismissed it as pad thai altogether. "This is not pad thai at all. Pad thai have to be sweet, sour, and salty," said the chef. Previously in the video, Ramsay walks the viewer through his version of a "quick pad thai." He explained that this meal will be served to the Buddhist monks who live in Wimbledon Thai temple, therefore leading Chef Chang to conduct a "quality check" on the dish before it is ultimately delivered to the monks (via YouTube).

To Ramsay's dismay, Chang stated that his dish lacked flavor. Although clearly taken aback, Ramsay kept his head high, ending the clip by saying that he will keep an eye on the monks "to see how it goes down."