The Salted Egg Yolk Flavor Is Finally Making Its Way To America

Much like fashion trends, our nation's food trends come and go. Remember when Sriracha was the "hot" commodity that food trucks and restaurants just had to offer, and copycat sauces emerged mimicking the original (the one with the rooster) from Huy Fong foods? We would see everything from Sriracha mayo to Sriracha ketchup lining the condiment shelves of grocery aisles as food companies tried to capitalize on the craze (via Fortune) — we're sure spice fans were more than happy to see more options for a spicy kick to food.

Then, there are the superfood flavor trends that gained a following as a result of their health appeal, such as the acai bowl (per Boozy Burbs). Acai is a berry rich in antioxidants, and is celebrated for its health-boosting properties (via Medical News Today). Other food trends may be popular elsewhere in the world for decades or centuries before being introduced to Americans. One recent example is salted egg yolk flavor, which is typically derived from duck eggs (per The Takeout).

The incredible, edible salted egg yolk

Salted egg yolk flavor may be a novelty in the U.S. culinary scene, where it can be found as a flavoring agent for snacks, but it's been a longtime staple of East Asian and Southeast Asian cooking, often used in rice dishes. Its first recorded reference dates back to 5th Century China. The flavor has been characterized as a "buttery richness" and "slightly custardy" (via The Takeout).

That complex flavor profile has allowed entrepreneurs to adapt it to a wide range of products. A California-based company named Torani, which crafts flavor syrups for coffee, tea, and sodas, offers a salted egg yolk flavor, described as a sweet and savory combo with a "surprising umami finish." And Irvins, a snack brand founded in Singapore, sells a popular salmon skin salted egg yolk chip variety that is now available in American supermarkets (per Thrillist).

The Speciality Food Association (SFA) anticipated the growing salted egg yolk flavor trend back in 2016, even suggesting that it would likely become a coveted chip flavor on par with Sriracha. Noting its versatility in the food and beverage scene, the SFA noted its varied uses in everything from seafood to ice cream and cocktails. Salted egg yolk fudge sundae, anyone?