Pizza Hut's Cherished Big New Yorker Pizza Is Back After 24 Years

The '90s are calling, and it says "The Big New Yorker" pizza from Pizza Hut is back on the menu. The company announced the return of its New York-style pizza for a limited time only starting on February 1, 2023. This comes after the menu item was first introduced by the food chain 24 years ago in 1999.

Per the company's press release, the extra large 16-inch pizza offers "oversized" and "foldable slices" with a "crispy crust" and presumably "bold flavors." The Big New Yorker pizza consists of a classic marinara sauce with parmesan oregano seasoning. This relaunch comes at a time when nostalgic food trends took off in 2022 and shows no signs of stopping now.

According to Kroger's 2022 food predictions, throwback foods are expected to do well — remember Oreo Cakesters sudden reappearance? The fast food chain claims that this pizza is 30% larger than their large pizza, which is a perfect filler for your Super Bowl appetizer table.

You can choose your own toppings

For $13.99, Pizza Hut is allowing customers to choose between double pepperoni and your own favorite topping. Customers also have the option of extra toppings or extra cheese (for an additional cost, of course). It's safe to say that Pizza Hut fans are happy with this reintroduction, considering there is an entire petition dedicated to the big New Yorker pizza's return with over 3,000 signatures.

Although, in our opinion it may be more costly and flavorful to grab the iconic singular New York pizza slice despite its world-renowned price rising above $1. According to the Takeout and our personal pizza experiences in the city, New York pies are a difficult meal to recreate. They are named New York-style pizzas, after all! The Takeout predicts that Pizza Hut's relaunch will taste no better than Papa John's failed attempt at a New York-inspired slice, but it seems only time will tell where people's taste buds fall.