McDonald's Is Now Selling Waffle Fries, But Only In This Country

For decades, McDonald's has been serving burgers, sandwiches, shakes, and other goodies to people all around the world. According to the company, there are around 38,000 McDonald's locations in more than 100 countries. Menus vary nation-by-nation, depending on the local cuisine and consumer tastes and preferences.

McDonald's fries are frequently ranked at the top of best fast food fries lists and for good reason. The brand's fries are well-known for their perfectly umami, meaty flavor, ideal amount of salt, and just-right temperature. And now, you can nosh on McDonald's delicious fries in a new form.

But there's the catch. You'll have to book a trip to the Great White North to get your hands on them. If you're a French fry aficionado, you're well aware of the different varieties — julienne, wedge, crinkle, shoestring, curly, and of course, waffle. Moreover, if you constantly crave Mickey D's fries, Canadian customers can now experience a fresh take on the restaurant's most beloved item.

You can enjoy waffle fries at McDonald's in Canada

Waffle fry fiends, rejoice! Fast Food Post reports that waffle fries have made their return to McDonald's Canada for a limited time. Customers can order the iconic latticed potatoes as a side for an additional charge or as an individual item. McDonald's Canada also sold waffle fries back in April 2022, per Daily Hive.

McDonald's Canada announced the launch on its Instagram on January 5, displaying a photo of waffle fries stacked next to a cup of ranch with the caption, "Waffle Fries are back at McDonald's and this time people are breaking them in half and dipping them in ranch dip." Some fans reacted positively, with one user commenting, "They taste a lot better than the regular boring fries do." Another user, presumably an American, chimed in, "Hey your neighbors downstairs here in the US would love waffle fries." Canadian customers will also be able to pair this returning favorite with another popular comeback treat: spicy chicken nuggets (per Fast Food Post).