Scooping Out The Bread Of Your Subway Sandwich Could Reduce Calories

In recent years, Subway has made efforts to establish itself as a healthy choice in the fast-casual restaurant category. The sandwich chain launched a "Live Fresh, Eat Healthy" campaign in 2012, introducing a "Low Fat Range" of nine sub-options containing 5 grams of fat or less. About a decade later, Subway announced massive menu changes, including a 2021 ingredient upgrade introducing fresh avocado spread, rotisserie-style chicken, and Angus roast beef. In addition to its efforts to improve the quality of its ingredients, Subway has also honed in on popular lifestyle and dietary trends.

In 2019, Subway debuted a vegetarian-friendly veggie patty made with soy and vegetables (as well as milk and eggs, meaning it's not suitable for vegans). Plus, in an attempt to appeal to those who are gluten-free, select Subway locations offer gluten-free bread that's baked in an offsite facility to prevent cross-contamination, per Good For You Gluten Free. And though Subway already has official menu options for those cutting back on meat, trans or saturated fats, gluten, and more, some fans of the chain prefer to use a hack that may save calories on their regular sandwiches.

This may save up to 200 calories

If your goal is to eat a lower-calorie Subway sandwich, there's one simple hack that doesn't cost a thing. According to Krazy Koupon Lady, you can ask your Subway sandwich artists to remove the inside of your bread before adding your toppings. Doing this step can supposedly eliminate about 200 calories from a footlong and 100 calories from a six-inch sub, as confirmed by a Subway employee on Reddit. If you don't feel like eating scooped-out bread but still want to save some calories and carbs, there may be another option.

Knowing that some customers are interested in low-carb diets, Subway began testing a low-carb bread approved by Tom Brady, dubbed Hero bread, in 2021. The 1-gram-of-net-carbs bread may not be available at every location these days, but if that's the case for you, you can always opt for the chain's No Bready Bowls. These are essentially the interior components of a sandwich, served in salad form to reduce carbs and calories.