The Genius Way To Upgrade Frozen Waffle Fries

Known for their unique shape and crispy texture, waffle fries are known to be a fan favorite among fry eaters. But despite their passionate fanbase, they're quite the novelty to come by, with Chick-fil-A being one of the only major fast-food restaurants to offer this style of fry (via Taste of Home).

So if you don't live near any location of this Atlanta-based chain, frozen waffle fries are your best bet at sampling their distinct, crunchy goodness. Available at retailers such as Target and Walmart, frozen waffle fries can be bought in bulk and can be made just as delicious as their fast-food brethren if seasoned and cooked correctly. Furthermore, heating up your own waffle fries doesn't need to be boring — in fact, Tasty recently shared a method that will elevate these fries to the next level (and you won't need to sit in the Chick-fil-A drive-thru to get them).

They make a great party appetizer

All you need is some waffle fries (obviously), pasta sauce, and the cheese of your choice. Although traditional pizza often utilizes mozzarella, ultimately, most types of shredded cheeses would work (via Wisconsin Cheese). Likewise, you can also choose to add any additional toppings, which may include pepperoni, veggies, and/or other fruit.

In terms of preparation, the only additional step is throwing the toppings onto the fries while they're baking in the oven. This recipe, similar to microwave nachos, is extremely budget-friendly and is great for anyone who has limited time, appliances, or ingredients. On the flip side, this dish would also be great to bring as an appetizer to any dinner party, as it is easy to transport and share. Regular pizza fries are a hit at game day parties and tailgates, so why not add some more pizazz to this dish by using one of the most popular fry shapes out there? Waffle pizza fries for the win!