Dolly Parton Has Her Eye On A Freezer Aisle Food Empire

If you thought Dolly Parton had already conquered every aspect of the world, think again. Not only has she shattered countless Guinness World records with her music, but Parton also leads with philanthropy. One of her foundations, Imagination Library, has donated more than 197 million books to children across the globe since its launch in 1995. According to People Magazine, Parton has also donated $1 million toward COVID-19 research.

Undeniably a busy lady, Parton has recently turned her attention to good ol' Southern cooking. In early 2022, Parton collaborated with Duncan Hines on a special collection of Southern-inspired cake mixes. Seeing as the collection was such a hit, Parton is launching a new set of box mixes for brownies, cornbread, and of course, biscuits. Does it get any more Southern than that? Well, apparently it does, because Parton now has her eyes set on yet another piece of the food industry -– the freezer aisle.

What's Dolly Parton's next move in the food world?

With Dolly Parton and Duncan Hines' latest baking collection just beginning to reach store shelves, Parton is already planning her next move. Although she currently has no official plans, Parton said in an interview with Eater, "I've always wanted to have a line of frozen foods, to cook up Southern dishes that people love, like chicken and dumplings." We can't speak for everyone, but we love the idea of an easy dinner, no need to find a chicken and dumplings recipe online.

So if Parton was to push forward with her own line of frozen foods -– which, let's face it, she can do anything she sets her mind to –- what kinds of foods might be included? According to Taste of Home, some of Parton's favorite southern recipes include roasted pork, fried okra, and spiced baked catfish, all of which could easily be translated to the frozen aisle. And pair any one of those with Dolly Parton's cornbread... Yes, please!