The Inclusive Whiskey Ad That Has TikTok Sobbing

More brands than ever are on the pursuit of inclusivity and making their product feel welcoming to all walks of life. The commercials they release don't come without criticism, but they accomplish the task of making people who are "different" feel certain of the consumerism choices they make. When Campbell's Soup launched its "Star Wars" cans in 2015, the brand unveiled a commercial of a two-dad family posing as Darth Vader and switching between them to say, "Luke, I am your father," per Time.

Oreo, a brand that's released pride cookies to promote diversity, released an ad in 2020 of a young woman bringing her girlfriend home for the holidays (via Pop Sugar). For much of the video, it seems unclear how the girl's dad feels about the news, but by the end of the commercial, he is outside painting his fence in rainbow colors in support for his daughter. Both of these businesses are known to cater to families in their ads, but a whisky brand ... perhaps not so much. That is why it took TikTok by surprise when J&B Whisky brought them to tears by releasing an inclusive ad last month.

A man helped his granddaughter come out

A J&B Whisky ad was shared to TikTok by @nataliahernandezauthor, who was hoping to discuss the commercial with other TikTokers. The video began with an elderly man who experimented with his wife's lipstick late one evening. He began buying makeup pallets and learning how to properly blend during his alone time. Each time he heard someone approaching, he'd quickly wipe the makeup off to avoid being caught. Later in the commercial, he pulled 26-year-old Alvaro aside at the families' holiday dinner and taught him everything he'd learned about makeup. At the end, she transitioned, walking out for the first time as Ana. A man, who is presumed to be Ana's dad, smiled on with tears in his eyes upon meeting his daughter for the first time.

The video easily brought its intended audience to tears. "I lost it when I saw this. It completely wrecked me. I want family like that," read one comment. "I'm sobbing that is beautiful omg," wrote another user. One commenter felt that the elderly man's help had a deeper meaning. "I get the feeling he's living his truth through the young one."

According to LGBTQ Nation, the man's curiosity of makeup stemmed from his desire to help his trans granddaughter rather than the way he felt about himself. The commercial is up for interpretation, though, so you can be the one to decide whether the man is learning how to apply makeup for himself as well or just for his granddaughter.