TikTok Is Fuming Over Wendy's 4 For $4 Deal

In any relationship, trust among all parties is essential. Without it, a relationship runs the risk of being severed. This concept applies in business as well. When a company promotes specific programs or products, consumers expect them to follow through with what was advertised (via Forbes). Doing so can foster loyalty. As a result, even as prices at many restaurants have increased, customers have ensured that their sales numbers were still solid (via CNN Business).

However, fast-food chain Wendy's latest price change hasn't gone over as well on TikTok. This is due mainly to the fact that what they are saying is not aligning with what they are delivering; and, as stated before, trust is essential. What is the burger chain's blunder? They are charging $5 for a combo they are promoting as a "4 for $4." The mismatch between the actual and advertised prices did not go unnoticed; and, like always, users on Tik Tok did not hold back.

Numbers don't lie

Initially, people were quick to defend Wendy's in the comment section of the TikTok video by trying to blame DoorDash. Given the way the delivery app fees have hurt restaurants over the past few years, the assumption is a sensible one (via Associated Press). "It's not Wendy's that raised the price, it's doordash. Delivery companies raise prices and act like it's the restaurant, then they pocket the money," stated one user. However, the author of the video was quick to debunk this by saying, "This isn't DoorDash, it's the Wendy's app. But also, I checked in person later that day, these are the prices."

Surprisingly, neither the current nor prior price was consistent across all stores. "The 4 for $4 has always been $6 in Alaska, it's more now," stated one user. Another user applauded the logical adjustment their neighborhood Wendy's made, saying, "At my Wendy's, 4 for 4 is now $4.44, which low-key makes sense, so I'm down for it." Admittedly, the latter would lend itself to a better marketing campaign. These price changes aren't unique to Wendy's. Even competitors like McDonald's have made price increases to their menu.