How Can I Make The McDonald's McBaguette At Home?

American fans of the hit Netflix show "Emily in Paris" will be pleased to learn that the French-inspired McBaguette from McDonald's in Season 3 is an actual offering. In the episode, Emily's marketing firm is approached by McDonald's to help market their new sandwich, the McBaguette, as a premium item in France (via Netflix). 

Despite being deemed a new item in the show, the McBaguette has made multiple appearances on McDonald's France menus since 2012. The sandwich is crafted with two beef patties, mustard, Emmental cheese, and lettuce (per Seventeen). According to Elite Daily, the McBaguette was featured on the menu as recently as 2021. In the years since its debut, the sandwich has even been known to feature chicken patties instead of burger patties at select stores.

And while the sandwich is unavailable in the United States, like many fast food copycat recipes, there's a method to make your own McBaguette at home thanks to a recent breakdown from The Takeout.

How to make a McBaguette

With all the hoopla surrounding McDonald's McBaguette, you may be wondering how you can create one any time you desire. First, you'll want to start off with the most important part: a baguette (via The Takeout). A trip to your local bakery is a great option to procure a baguette worthy of your homemade replica. Then comes the cheese. According to American Restaurant, Emmental cheese is also known as Swiss cheese in America. Any brand of your favorite Swiss cheese will work here. For the sauce, some simple Dijon mustard will do. 

Lastly, to get the most authentic experience from home, it's essential to pick up two beef patties from your local McDonald's. You can even request lettuce with your beef patties. After that, there's nothing left but to assemble and enjoy. As for the actual taste of the McBaguette, they haven't been highly favorable. According to reviews on Insider and Yahoo!, the core gripe is that its flavor profile is "underwhelming." To avoid this pitfall, feel free to mix things up with a different sauce and homemade burgers seasoned to your liking.