The Cake Dolly Parton Constantly Makes At Home

Dolly Parton is no stranger to the baking world. In January 2022, she partnered with Duncan Hines to release branded baking products, which included cake mixes, frostings, and a kit containing recipe cards and merchandise. "When you don't have time to start from scratch or [you] don't really know how to cook, you get mixes like these, and you can't make mistakes if you follow the directions," Parton said to Eater on her choice to work with the brand. Inspired by her southern roots, she declared banana pudding as one of the available Duncan Hines goodies, which according to Today, is a popular choice in the south.

Parton deems herself a good cook, and she definitely enjoys creating in the kitchen, but she admits that she can be a little messy. Per Prevention, her husband, Carl Dean, does most of the cleaning while she handles the cooking. When it comes to sweets, the country music singer admits sugar was scarce in her household growing up, making cakes even sweeter when the time came to enjoy one. Her love for baking — as well as sweets — makes a perfect pair, and she even has a favorite she likes to whip up.

Dolly's favorite is a southern classic

In an interview with Eater, Dolly Parton revealed that coconut cake, which is one of the mixes included in her Duncan Hines collaboration, is her favorite dessert to bake. "I've had a lot of good luck with my coconut cake; everybody loves coconut cake," she said. Admittedly, there is another type of cake vying for her attention as well. "But I still love a good chocolate cake, with the deep, thick chocolate frosting," she adds — and who can blame her?

The mix may not be the same as a homemade cake from the star herself, but fans seem to love it anyway. On the Duncan Hines' website, several reviews of Parton's coconut cake mix were given five stars. One reviewer described the cake as "moist" and "not overbearing with the [coconut] flavor." Another commenter thought the mix was so good, they told their friends and family about it. The cake mix is currently in stock, and you can buy it online if it piques your interest.