Instagram Can't Hold In The Excitement For The Return Of Taco Bell Wings

The National Chicken Council says Super Bowl Sunday is one of the most popular days for chicken wing consumption in the United States, but it's hardly the only day that Americans are gobbling them down. According to a 2021 One Poll survey, 28% of Americans agree that wings can be eaten "any time, place, or occasion," which may explain how the average American has come to eat nearly 18,000 drummettes and flats in their lifetime.

Those 18,000 wings can come from a number of different places, like sports bars, pizzerias, and, of course, chicken wing chains like Buffalo Wild Wings, Wingstop, and Hooters. There are even a few fast food restaurants serving up wings at the drive-thru window – though if you had told us five years ago that Taco Bell was one of the chains helping wing lovers hit their lifetime consumption expectancy, we'd probably look at you like you were a chicken without a head.

If you're having trouble recalling the eatery's stint in the chicken wing business, that might be because TODAY says their take on the popular finger food was only available for a single week in January last year. However, that week was all it took for Taco Bell's Mexican queso seasoning-dusted Crispy Chicken Wings and their accompanying sides of spicy ranch to win over the hearts of Bellheads and wing connoisseurs alike, many of whom could hardly hold in their excitement after the chain announced that its wings would be making a long-awaited return.

Taco Bell's Crispy Chicken Wings are available now

If there's one thing Taco Bell is good at, it's bringing back beloved menu items that were once thought to be gone for good. Last year, the eatery resurrected Mexican Pizzas and Enchiritos, and now, it's back at it again. The chain is starting off the year hot by bringing back its Crispy Chicken Wings, which it teased in a January 19 Instagram post. The upload featured a photo of its new Ultimate Gameday Box that consists of a Mexican Pizza, crunchy tacos, and an order of its fan-favorite wings. "We'll take all 3," read the caption – though Bellheads in the comments section seemed to have their hearts set on only one item in the bundle deal.

"THE WINGS ARE BACK THE WINGS ARE BACK," @emily.nn_ wrote. "Omg, so excited," another quipped. Instagram user @tiffany.tried.this seemed a bit in disbelief. "Please do not play with my emotions. Is this really happening?" they wrote, while @elyssaraye demanded that Taco Bell "stop teasing and start releasing!"

While it was initially reported that Crispy Chicken Wings wouldn't be back until January 26, it seems like Taco Bell may have heard the Instagrammer's cry, as the beloved menu item became available for purchase on January 23. Reddit user u/gamekatz was one of many who ventured to their local restaurant to pick up an order, which they awarded a score of 8/10. "A bit expensive but better than buffalo wild wings any day," they said.