The Outright Best Fruit Sides To Pair With Steak

If you're going out for a steak dinner, you'll likely expect some potatoes to come on the side. Although there are plenty of options when it comes to the best side dishes for steak, potatoes are usually on the menu. From roasted potatoes to garlicky mashed potatoes, there's still a long list of ways to prepare your potatoes. But there's more you can do to change up a classic and decadent steak dinner. Next time you cook steak, try serving up some fruit on the side.

While fruit and steak might seem like a departure from the standard steak fare, pairing fruit and meat isn't entirely uncommon. For example, pork chops and apples go well together, and peaches can also elevate pork chops. Plus, if you're a fan of grilling steak, you can also grill your fruit for a meal full of smoky flavor.

Still not sold on eating fruit with your steak? The American Heart Association recommends filling half your plate with fruits and vegetables, and adding some fruit on the side will balance out the salt and meatiness of the steak. Here's what fruit goes best with a perfectly cooked steak.

Serve up your steak with citrus and tropical fruits

According to Rib 'n Reef Steakhouse, citrus is a great complement to a delicious steak. Whether it's lemons, oranges, or limes, you can use any citrus fruit to your liking as part of your steak dinner. For a winter steak dinner, we recommend trying Sunburst tangerines, a less common citrus you should experiment with next. For a summer steak meal, if you decide to grill citrus to pair with a grilled steak, be sure to sugar your citrus so it doesn't stick to the grill. Alternatively, if you want to ease into fruit and steak pairings, you can turn your citrus into a vinaigrette to dress a side salad.

Rib 'n Reef Steakhouse also recommends pairing steak with mango for its "sweet, tangy flavor," and if you prefer tropical fruit over citrus, pineapple is another option. My Chicago Steak vouches for pineapple as one of the best fruits to grill and says you can combine multiple grilled fruits into a fruit salad to accompany your steak. Just don't forget to add a pinch of salt to fruit salad to bring out the fruits' juicy sweetness. Which fruits will you be eating with your steak next?