The Unexpected Ingredient You Should Add To Your Fruit Salad

With spring upon us and summer approaching, it's that time of year to take advantage of fresh produce by whipping up a fruit salad. There are plenty of ways you can take your citrusy creation to the next level, like following Giada De Laurentiis' recipe for a boozy fruit salad. For a perfect fruit salad, you can take a tip from Geoffrey Zakarian and always put the softer fruits on top, using a large platter for serving.

But if you don't have time to prepare a pretty plate and you want the kids to be able to dig into your berry and melon dish ASAP, there's another way to add zest to the recipe and it's simply by adding one ingredient that you likely already have in your pantry. 

It's salt. You might be completely aghast at the idea of adding salt to your sweet and fruity treat but hear us out. Are you adding salt to your sweet morning oatmeal? Are you aware that many baked dessert recipes call for salt?  Here's why you should be sprinkling some salt on your fruit salad.

Salt enhances the fruits flavor

Although adding salt to a fruit salad might seem counterintuitive at first, this small task can bring out more sweetness in the dish. The Kitchn explains that "Salt enhances the flavor of the food by releasing certain molecules that in turn make it more aromatic," and in the case of fruit salad, salt makes the fruit extra sweet and delicious. Plus, the website says that salt can temper the bitterness of some citrus favorites, like grapefruit.

Southern Living also recommends adding salt to fruit salad and points out that a sweet and salty combo is sure to delight a crowd. The outlet also states that those living in the south have been salting watermelon for decades because of the flavor enhancement, so it's not much different to put a pinch of salt on other fruits.

In addition to sprinkling salt on the popular summer salad, you can also add more flavor and zest by adding some Tajín seasoning and a generous squeeze of lime. There are, of course, other more traditional toppings to put atop your fruit salad, like whipped cream or yogurt, both of which you can still add a little salt to.