The Unbelievably Long Starbucks Order Than Has TikTok In A Tizzy

At this point, Starbucks essentially has its own lore regarding outlandish orders. We've got the order that combines every juice and tea. We've got the alarming Starbucks order with 20 espresso shots. And then, of course, we've got all the wild orders that span two, three, or even four stickers, resulting in a drink that costs at least $20. Yikes.

We get it, you like what you like. Sometimes there isn't anything on the menu that catches your eye or resembles what you're craving. But $20 for a coffee? And how do you remember all that for when you come back and reorder? We may never know.

Unfortunately, as a Starbucks spokesperson told Today, "customizations are reasonable requests from customers," meaning baristas can't exactly say no to ridiculous orders. And let us tell you now, being able to say "no" would've been such a relief for one TikTok user who recently had to make one of these monstrosities.

Sending our condolences to this Starbucks barista

TikTok was collectively shaken after a Starbucks barista shared a painfully long drink order. According to the video, this order ran the length of three stickers, and included numerous syrups and sauces, "light" drizzles and toppings, and pretty much every type of sweetener you can think of. The barista perfectly summed up the situation by saying, "Idk what's worse, making that or sinking that." Honestly, we don't know either.

Viewers were similarly stunned by the order. One person asked, "Did they click everything in the mobile order? Like everything?" Another person commented, "When you ask 'what would you like' and the customer just says 'YES,'" while another wrote, "It wouldn't even all fit in the cup. This had to be a joke." Someone else pointed out, "Don't worry, it's 2/3 decaf."

Still, others said they would flat-out refuse to fulfill that order if they were charged with making it. Another said they would simply quit. Sadly, as many fast food workers know all too well, it's never quite that easy.