The Iconic Baltimore Dish Duff Goldman Serves On Super Bowl Sunday

Besides the game itself, there's nothing more important on Super Bowl Sunday than being surrounded by delicious food. Depending on what your favorites are, you could be sampling assorted tasty appetizers like wings, pigs in a blanket, jalape├▒o poppers, and other tempting finger foods. But for those who want a little more variety on their game day spread, you may opt for more filling dishes like a savory chili or other low-effort crockpot recipes. Having the best party on your taste buds means you'll have the best Super Bowl party, naturally. Whichever team comes out on top, you'll have spent a great night with friends and will return home full to the brim with good food.

For TV chef and cake connoisseur Duff Goldman, the Baltimore Ravens are the team he's supported from the very beginning. He loves them so much, that he even creates imaginative cakes lined in purple and gold to support his favorite team with his culinary talents. So you can imagine his excitement when the Super Bowl comes around each year, especially when the Ravens are poised to potentially go all the way. Goldman also has one savory dish in mind for celebrating the big day, and it happens to also hail from Baltimore.

Duff Goldman's Super Bowl staple is crab cakes

When the Charm City Cakes executive chef was asked what he serves at his Super Bowl parties, Goldman said, "Crab cakes! Baltimore has the best crab cakes, so I'll order some from Jimmy's Famous in Baltimore and have them shipped to L.A.," (via People). Now that's dedication. Crab cakes are especially renowned in Baltimore for using the heavenly Maryland blue crab in all the best recipes. When exploring the freshest seafood eateries in the Baltimore area, you'll never taste the same crab cake twice. Restaurants love putting their own spin on the classic crab cake, and it would be a sin if Old Bay Seasoning wasn't included in this Atlantic delicacy. This zesty spice was invented in Baltimore, so it's a crab cake must.

Jimmy's Famous Seafood is certainly one of the best places to get an authentic taste of Maryland, so Goldman's got the right idea! It's been around since 1974, making tender, mouthwatering crab cakes that are homemade and seasoned to perfection. On its website, you have the option have a box of jumbo, mini, gluten-free, or even Cool Ranch-flavored crab cakes shipped right to you to savor for yourself. It seems even if you're on the other side of the country, there are options out there that will help make your Super Bowl menu one for the books. Even if your team doesn't walk away victorious, letting a few luscious crab cakes melt away in your mouth is a victory in itself.