The Cheesy Gordita Crunch Reddit Wishes Was Available In America

If ever Taco Bell changes its slogan back to "Make a run for the border," people around the world may find themselves asking, "Which one?" because there are so many to choose from. With nearly 300 international Taco Bell restaurants located in 26 countries (per the company's website), the fast food chain has established quite a presence outside of the U.S. In order to gain a foothold in a foreign market, Taco Bell and other eateries of its ilk must often adapt to the local food culture and change things up a bit.

For instance, in Korea, they offer a spicy kimchi quesadilla, which features one of the staples in Korean cooking, kimchi. Meanwhile, in Cyprus, you can order a Gordita stuffed with fries and drizzled in tzatziki sauce for that Mediterranean culinary touch. In India, the restaurant offers a chicken tikka masala burrito. Interestingly, chicken tikka masala is itself a multi-cultural mash-up since it was invented in Scotland by a Pakistani immigrant (per CNN Travel).

Just as dishes can have international roots, they can have international appeal. A Gordita eater on Reddit's r/tacobell forum revealed that an Indian Taco Bell serves a unique twist on the Cheesy Gordita Crunch, and fellow Redditors enthusiastically wish it was available in America.

Pining for paneer

User tpfang56 posted an image to the r/tacobell subreddit displaying a vegetarian version of the Cheesy Gordita Crunch they ordered while eating at an Indian Taco Bell. Filled with paneer and paired with a fire and spicy ranch sauce, it tasted "legit spicy," according to the user. For the uninitiated, paneer is a type of mild, soft Indian cheese that is typically curdled using lemon juice or some other kind of acidic fruit or vegetable juice (via Fine Dining Lovers). Unaged and unable to melt like other types of cheese, it is also enjoyed in Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

The photo had Redditors expressing some serious food envy. "Oh my God I would love to try any Taco Bell item with paneer," proclaimed one contributor. "Paneer is the bomb, wish they had it here," yearned another. Commenter IndianPeacock raved about the bevy of vegetarian options available at Indian fast food places. "Ahh making me jealous. My favorite Taco Bell, McDonald's, and Burger King locations are in India. While Taco Bell is great stateside for vegetarians, all three of the above chains are absolutely spectacular for vegetarians with a LOT more delicious Indian themed items."

The original poster further elaborated that the fire sauce used at Indian Taco Bells packs more heat and has a creamier texture than the American version. An intrigued commenter even asked tpfang56 of the condiment, "Can you bring some back?"