Why You Should Consider Making Spring Rolls With The Air Fryer

Open the menu at any Chinese restaurant and there's a good chance you'll find spring rolls in the starter section. Light and refreshing, spring rolls are different from egg rolls in that the wrappers are made with just flour and water — no egg (via Umami Cart). They began as a treat for the Lunar New Year but have now become a year-round staple, and can be customized and stuffed with any number of ingredients, from pork to shrimp to veggies like cabbage and carrots.

While you might associate spring rolls with your regular Friday night takeout order, you can also recreate the Asian appetizer yourself at home. There are tons of recipes and methods for making homemade spring rolls, from steaming them on the stove to baking them in the oven. However, one hack that's very in line with current culinary trends is cooking them in the air fryer. Here's why so many food bloggers and home chefs recommend air frying your spring rolls.

It improves the crunch and texture

No matter what you're cooking, one of the biggest appeals of an air fryer is that it gives you that fried flavor and crunch without the added fat and calories, since you aren't deep frying your food in oil (via Eating Well). The same rings true for air frying spring rolls, whether you're making them fresh from scratch or preparing frozen spring rolls. All Ways Delicious says that air fried spring rolls pack the same flavor as the fried version but are healthier for you. You can add even more crispiness by adjusting the frying time (via Cheap Lazy Vegan). The result is a texture you likely lack when baking or steaming spring rolls.

There are two more benefits to using an air fryer for spring rolls. It's very fast — you can make them in less than 10 minutes — and requires very little cleanup as there's no oil involved, explains the blogger at Honest Food Talks