TikTok Recommends Smashing Your Cauliflower On The Counter For Fast Prep

TikTok is home to many tips, tricks, and inspirational videos. New viral hacks are constantly popping up on the platform, making lives easier — and more palms hit foreheads — than ever before. Some creators go the extra mile and compile a list of their best hacks on their page, keeping followers in the know. However, it seems that the most popular TikTokers center their content around life hacks, kitchen hacks, and cleaning hacks.

Some of the platform's most impressive kitchen hacks are those that allow us to cut back on the amount of prep time needed for a dish — and they are total game changers. For instance, the TikTok hack that shows how to peel and mash your potatoes in one move, or another one that shows you the proper way to store plastic wrap. One TikToker recently shared a kitchen hack that will help cut back on cauliflower prep time while also blowing off a little steam — by smashing it!

Smash the cauliflower while it's wrapped

Nicole Modic, who recently did an exclusive interview with Mashed, is a TikTok creator, foodie, and mother who goes by the username kalejunkie. Her TikTok page contains many time-saving kitchen and food hacks, however, she recently shared one tip that left our eyebrows on the ceiling. In Modic's 10 Genius Produce Hacks on TikTok, she demonstrates several useful tips on how to clean and store different fruits, veggies, and even herbs — then she pulls out a wrapped cauliflower and the real sorcery begins. 

Instead of unwrapping and cutting the head of cauliflower, she lifts it high up over her head and slams it, face down, into the counter. She then unwraps the cauliflower to reveal perfectly separated florets. Amazed by the amount of time she just saved, users in the comments of the video raved about her cauliflower hack. One thing to note is that it is imperative to keep the cauliflower wrapped, or wrap it yourself in plastic wrap, to avoid the florets escaping all over the counter.