Get Engaged At Cracker Barrel And You Could Win 1 Year Of Free Food

Getting engaged and married and two of life's biggest moments. Whether you've been planning your fairytale engagement since you were a kid or are waiting to be completely surprised, there's no doubt that the day should be special. No matter if you're asking the question, or hopefully saying yes, it goes without saying that it should be celebrated with a great meal. According to Hitched, the third most popular way to get engaged is during a romantic meal. While you could pop the question at one of the most romantic restaurants in the US, your proposal doesn't necessarily need to break the bank.

If you do decide to propose in a restaurant, there are some tried and true tricks to make sure it goes off without a hitch. Food & Wine suggests waiting until the end of the meal to pop the question, so you have time to actually enjoy all the food. Many restaurants are happy to coordinate with you for the perfect proposal, just be sure to let the restaurant know your requests beforehand. When planning the proposal, it's key to pick a place your partner loves. If your partner prefers grocery stores instead of restaurants, you may be able to get married at Aldi. For those who want to stick to the standard restaurant, a beloved Southern-style chain may be your next proposal destination.

Make Valentine's Day truly memorable

According to PR Newswire, Cracker Barrel is offering an "I Said 'Yes' at Cracker Barrel" Valentine's Day contest. The restaurant will award five couples free Cracker Barrel for a year just for getting engaged in the restaurant. In order to qualify, customers have to post their proposal video to social media from February 10 to 16, and explain why they chose to propose at Cracker Barrel. Even if you're not ready for a proposal, Cracker Barrel wants to make Valentine's Day special for everyone. Any couple, including parent and child, siblings, or friends, who dine in on Valentine's Day will receive a free dessert to share.

Customers can order some of the best items to eat at Cracker Barrel, like country fried chicken, meatloaf, or breakfast. With two participating entrees, the couples receive complementary Coca-Cola cake or biscuit beignets. For those wanting to celebrate with some homestyle cooking, without leaving the comfort of home, you can simply order your meal to-go and pick it up. However, the free dessert and contest will not apply for to-go orders.