The Flight-Themed Menu Behind The 2023 Grammy's After-Party Dinner

This year's 65th annual Grammy Awards are sure to be a star-studded affair (per Grammy). The first Grammy's date all the way back to 1958; though the awards ceremony itself was held in spring of 1959, this will still be considered the 65th season of the awards. Who knows what they served at that after-party, but it probably involved some foods from the 1950s that should never come back, and big money says it involved a savory jello mold. Winners that first year included Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and, of all things, the high-pitched novelty song, "The Chipmunk Song." The famous awards get their name from the shape of the trophies themselves (per Britannica). The statuettes are designed in the shape of tiny golden gramophones, thus: Grammys.

This year's nominees include Lizzo, Harry Styles, Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, Doja Cat, and ABBA, among other superstars (via Grammy). The ceremony will feature performances by Bad Bunny, Harry Styles, Mary J. Blige, Steve Lacy, Sam Smith with Kim Petras, and Lizzo, all of whom are also nominated (per Time). There are even rumors swirling that Jay-Z may take the stage with DJ Khaled to perform their nominated song, "GOD DID." Following the star-studded ceremony, is everybody going to just tootle on home? Of course not. After the ceremony is the official after-party, a monumental gathering for 5,000 (per People). And we've got the scoop on the music industry's party of the year.

All that glitters at the Grammy's

Following the annual Grammy Awards is the official after-party, a party of 5,000 winners, nominees, industry insiders, music execs, and celebs (per BizBash). This year, the epic bash is flight-themed, but think more tropical birds than Wright brothers. The venue, a convention center the size of three football fields, will be decked out with an aviary complete with aerial performers dressed as birds swanning around giant bird cages and other bird-inspired touches.

Continuing the flight theme is the international menu conceived by Jason Fullilove. This is Fullilove's first time conceiving the menu for the event (per People). Fullilove, who you may recognize from "Beat Bobby Flay," drew inspiration from locales like Jalisco, Mexico, Miami, and Havana, Cuba, among others, to bring this "fresh, modern, exotic" menu that's "flavor-forward" to life. "I really wanted to showcase foods from cultures I love in music and food," Fullilove told People. 

The event will feature 48 food stations and 48 bars, including 12 gluten-free options, six vegetarian options, and six vegan options, so you know vegan foodie Lizzo will be covered (per Vegan Food & Living). One dish we know will be on the menu is white fish tacos with fresh mango salsa and a drizzle of avocado crema, as well as a "kokoda white fish coconut ceviche," which Fullilove describes as "a fresh bright delicious version of a ceviche I don't think most people have experienced." Uneaten food will be donated to Musically Fed, a charity that repurposes leftover backstage food to feed the food insecure.