The 3 Ingredients Oprah Swears By For Deviled Eggs

Whether you're in charge of bringing appetizers to a barbecue, in need of a quick snack to whip up for unexpected guests, or looking for simple finger food to pair with cocktails, deviled eggs always come to the rescue. They're quick and simple enough to make using very few ingredients and minimal culinary skills. What do classic deviled eggs need after all, besides a few eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, salt, pepper, and a dash of vinegar?

Even the plainest of deviled eggs can be rich, creamy, and surprisingly more complex in appearance than they really are, but deviled eggs are also a blank canvas that can be turned into impressive flavor bombs with clever upgrades. "Down Home With The Neelys" hosts, for example, give their deviled eggs a southern twist with barbecue sauce whereas Rachel Ray's deviled eggs have anchovy paste and grated Parmigiano-Reggiano to make them taste like Ceaser salad. As for Emeril Lagasse's New Orleans-based restaurant Meril, it's a topping of caviar and Zapp's potato chips that turns the humble finger food into an elegant fine dining dish (via Instagram).

Everyone has their secret ingredient to add oomph to plain ol' deviled eggs as does Oprah Winfrey. Her recipe, however, has a few unexpected ingredients which give Oprah's deviled eggs a welcome punch (via Food).

Oprah's deviled eggs are full of flavor

Oprah's deviled eggs have all the usual suspects: There's mayonnaise, mustard, and lemon juice for tang as well as salt and pepper (via Food). But that's where the simplicity of the ingredients ends. Her recipe leaves most of the steps that go into preparing deviled eggs up to you and focuses instead on adding flavor. Her secret ingredients? A dash of Worcestershire sauce, another dash of horseradish, and a drop or two of Tobasco. The umami Worcestershire, eye-wateringly punchy horseradish, and spicy Tobasco are all balanced with a tablespoon of sweet pickle, fresh parsley, and a sprinkle of paprika on top.

The strong flavors that Oprah likes in her deviled eggs are certainly intriguing and Tasty put them to the test alongside recipes from three other celebrities (via YouTube). Amazingly, the food network found that Oprah's deviled eggs were the best among the lot, beating Kourtney Kardashian's avocado-laced eggs, Joanna Gaines' bacon-topped eggs, and Ina Garten's eggs with salmon roe. Taste testers found that the horseradish really came through in Oprah's deviled eggs and they had just the right amount of acidity. Oprah's recipe, they assure, was everything you'd expect deviled eggs to be and more.