Serena Williams Is Gushing Over Starring In Remy Martin's Super Bowl 2023 Commercial

Up until now, Rémy Martin has never aired a commercial during the Super Bowl. That changes in two weeks, as the brand plans to release a 60-second ad spot on Sunday, February 12, otherwise known as Super Bowl LVII (via Forbes). The decision to finally debut a commercial this year can be directed to the popularity growth of cognac, according to Rémy Cointreau CEO Nicolas Beckers. "The Cognac category has seen momentous growth in the U.S. over the past two years, driven by the premiumization of the market," he explained in a Forbes interview.

That may not just be marketing talk: Per a study by Technavio, cognac is expected to grow to a $303.59 market value by 2025, with 44% of growth contributed to the United States and Canada (per The Drinks Business). The popularity boost is likely due to the product's giftability and more people wondering what cognac tastes like. The report even called the spirit "one of the most preferred gifting options in many countries." When asked more about the upcoming commercial in 2022, Beckers stayed tight-lipped, but we've now learned of some information that's equally exciting for the brand and the celebrity starring in it.

Teamwork and excellence are the main talking points

Usher may have made history with his Rémy Martin collab in 2022, but as the cognac brand gears up to drop its very first Super Bowl commercial, another famous face is full of excitement — coveted tennis champ Serena Williams has been named as the star, according to PR Newswire. The ad will be promoting teamwork with its Inch-by-Inch campaign, and the Cognac giants believe Williams embodies the message perfectly. Chief Executive Officer of the House of Rémy Martin Jean-Philippe Hecquet further explained Remy Martin's decision: "She is a global inspiration, and inch by inch, Williams and her team have made history by breaking down barriers, striving for excellence, and achieving greatness," he said.

In the press release, Williams expressed the "honored and excited" emotions she felt upon being chosen, and noted that Remy Martin fits with her lifestyle due to its "generosity, authenticity, and teamwork." If you simply can't wait, you can view a teaser on Rémy Martin's YouTube channel. The remainder of the clip will be aired during the first quarter of the Super Bowl on February 12.