Ina Garten Is Fully On Board With Waffle Sandwiches

If you've ever partaken in the ongoing waffle vs. pancake debate, you know that many people fall firmly into either one camp or the other. Today, however, the spotlight will be shone solely on the waffle, the gingham breakfast item that boasts its own flavor-holding pockets. After all, the waffle is rapidly gaining attention and becoming the star of meals beyond the morning hours. 

Celebrity Chef Mario Batali, for instance, likes a savory version of this oftentimes sweet treat. PopSugar shares that his biscuit waffles with sausage gravy replace traditional waffle dough with a biscuit mixture, creating an authentic Southern experience. Sam Donnell, the owner of the Waffle Iron in Kansas, told Feast magazine that he is seeing a trend toward creating elevated waffle dishes. His own Hank Benedict features ham, eggs, and hollandaise perched upon a waffle instead of the traditional English muffin. 

In fact, there are so many delicious waffle toppings you've never thought about, that the possibilities are practically endless. Founder of Camping Cooks, Stephanie Young, told Insider that the easy trick for crispy waffles is to avoid the toaster and to "try covering your waffles in butter and cooking them in a hot pan on your stovetop." And, as Ina Garten recently discovered, the waffle sandwich is another way to enjoy one's waffles.

Ina Garten was dreaming about this waffle dish a week later

When Ina Garten posted a drool-inspiring photo of a lunch she had recently enjoyed on her Instagram account, salivary glands everywhere leaped into action. Garten confessed that a week later, she was still dreaming about it, and who can blame her? It looks glorious. So what is this culinary masterpiece and where can it be found? It is, apparently, a waffle sandwich consisting of fried egg, bacon, and maple syrup by the people at Buvette, a restaurant in New York City. And if you can't make it to the Big Apple anytime soon, you can surely whip one up for yourself. 

While commenters on her Instagram post were mostly enthusiastic with many saying how delicious the meal looked or claiming that they make a similar version of their own, some were concerned with the calories in this dish. Plate Up Pen Down offers that this is their favorite Buvette offering, declaring that the "generous drizzle of syrup helps bring out the sweet and savory flavor of the sandwich." Plus, they add that it's neither too filling nor too light.  

Yes, the waffle isn't just for breakfast anymore. And, it goes hand-in-hand with so much more than simple syrup. It may be time to drag out the waffle iron, whip up a Belgian waffle recipe, and create your own waffle wonder.